Tamagotchi Log 6/2/98

6/2/98: Yesterday I lost Ginji.. I heard a few odd beeps, the kind you hear when you praise him, and looked over and saw him crying :(. Poor guy looked so sad. I wonder if they cry because they are sad to be leaving the care taker? Because mine always have the 'good' death and they are always sad before they leave.

I also got some mail yesterday... yes from Jason Kunst.. but sadly it wasn't my long awaited Mesutchi/Osutchi & Angelgotch.. Nor was it my Oceangotch..(where is that thing??) but it turned out to be the milky white Tama I ordered just last week. It took this one only a week to deliver.. yet its taking forever on my others.. sigh. Anyway, this Tama is just awesome.. I love it! It's not white.. its milky white. It's kinda a clear thick creamy white, very cool looking. I scanned it today, so hopefully the images came out okay. I'll be updating my 'Glimpse' of Tamagotchi' page after this log. I ended up hatching that Japanese Tama this morning on the way to work, it's a gen2 BTW. I hope to get Zukitchi or Pochitchi on it. Then a secret character! :)

Speaking of secret characters.... today at age 10, 95lbs, Masukutchi changed about 3:30pm today into Oyajitchi, the Japanese secret character! It took, what..?, 4 tries? This time was the time I tried a different method. While on the US Tama's I always got the secret character by way of perfect caretaking. This time I was determined to take bad care, which explains the weight. I took really bad care after he became Masukutchi. I fed him snacks 75% of the time instead of the game. I accidentally disciplined him once (I have no clue if that had any effect...). I took very bad to average care. He slept with poop next to his bed once (I was at the theater at a long movie and lost track of time...), and often I didn't care for him until he was at least 2 empty and sometimes not until he beeped for my attention. I'm thrilled I managed to get this character. I'll try the same method on Zukitchi if I get him on my Milky White Tama this time. :) Here's an image I made of him:


In other news I got... yes again... Funkorogatchi on my Morino Tama. I tell ya... I really don't know what to do different in getting this guy. I try letting the heat stay really hot all the time, staying in the middle, and staying really cold.. and I still get this guy. The only thing that has in common is they all sleep in poo when they are younger, because the poo schedule is so erratic that I have messed up and they do it right before they sleep... sigh. I wonder if I'll get anyone else ever? Don't get me wrong, he's very cute.. but I'd like to see other characters, you know? Variety is the spice of life!

GreyMon is still GreyMon, I'm happy about that. I hope he stays this way. He is 8 years, 54lbs and 44% victories. I'm taking bad care on purpose.. It's not a good time to get Metal GreyMon, especially since he lives to 66.

Sadly I got Tongaritchi on my 'cow spots' Tamagotchi. I was really hoping to get the beaked character, Hashitamatchi. Even with bad care I still got the good teenage character. I hope I get Hashizotchi still...

Mimitchi is doing well at age 7, but he's probably older then that program wise. He will probably die in the next 20 days and hopefully I get him back before the 21st. From the 21st to the 28th I will be out of town. I'm going to California to meet up with some Internet friends and have a week’s vacation and boy it shall be nice! I hope to be able to have Mimitchi while I'm there. Hoping I get him right before I get there, in fact. I think it will work out just right because of how long he stayed last time. I have no clue who else I'll have then. I think everyone will be gone by the time the 21st comes up. I might keep Morino going while I'm down there as well. But not too many others. It will be a week of vacation and I'll be very busy I'm sure, so I don't want to hurt a Tama because I don't have time for it. Though I think I'll have time for 2 of them. I guess I'll see when the time comes. I'll have company up with me right after that week for a while, so updates will be limited to logs and a few other things, but not a whole lot for the beginning of July, logs will definitely be written though. Just warning anyone whom cares ahead of time. I think Mimitchi will have fun in CA, he wasn't down there last time I was.. because I didn't own a Tamagotchi :) Off to update my images page, I have two images of my Tama's going up tonight :)

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