Tamagotchi Log 5/31/98

5/31/98: Sorry for less frequent updates, it's been a busy week and this weekend I had company over so I wasn't gonna make them wait while I updated my page ;). Yesterday, as in Saturday, was good though. LeAnne and I spent most of the day together, went to a semi-expensive restaurant called "Tomato Street" had a nice dinner then went to go see the movie As Good As It Gets. It was very long, almost 3 hours, but I'd give it a thumbs up and 8 ˝ stars out of 10 ;). Not too bad, but the length really was too dragged out. I had no idea it was so long so Masukutchi and Ginjirotenshi (whom I changed the clock so he'd go to bed at 11 instead of 10 so he could see the whole thing) went to bed at 11, so they missed the end I really thought it'd be over by then, while Tongaritchi (on Yellow/Black Mimitchi Tama) stayed up for the entire thing. I really wanted him to change so I was kinda taking away hours so he'd change faster...

And he did change faster. Around 12:30am on the way up the stairs in LeAnne's basement, right before we were going to leave, I heard that familiar 'shimmery' sound. I looked at Mimitchi Tama and there he was! My sweetie had returned home at the age of 4 after midnight! I am very happy to have him back, I gave him a big smooch in the middle of walking up the stairs hehe.

From there we took a ride home back to my house and went to bed almost right away, we were tired, but it was nice knowing I'd be waking up to his cute little face today. Before we left the house around noon today I started another gen2, a black, white, and gray 'cow spot' one that I won off of eBay for very cheap. It's been a long time since I've hatched a gen2 with the intention of getting something other then Mimitchi. I hope to get Hashizotchi, but this is going to be a bad work week, so I dunno if I'll accomplish it or not.

Imotchi is 5 years and 14mg tonight as he lay peacefully asleep, getting attacked usually two times a day more often from the 'foot' then the frog. He sometimes doesn't need anything for the longest time, while other times he empties all 4 leaves in hungry in 30 mins.. very erratic, realistic behavior. I'm really impressed with the random variances of Morino Tamagotch, BanDai really did a brilliant job with the programming.

While Masukutchi is still with me, I'm giving bad care ‘cept for discipline, in hopes he will change to secret character. He is 8 years old tonight and still awake as I write this, very quiet guy at 75% discipline, hardly asking anything at this young age. I must say that Masukutchi isn't really my favorite character nor is Zukitchi, but I really like the 11pm to 11am sleeping schedule, it is much more comfy for my weekend sleeping schedule. I love staying up late and sleeping in late when I get days off, I'm really not a morning person. I prefer not to pause Tama's when for many months when I first got a Tamagotchi I *never* paused it, but after a while I had to on mornings that I really needed to sleep in on. With Mimitchi he doesn’t get up till late and goes to bed late, to match my many more and much longer hours awake days.

Ginjirotenshi is still with me too, 10 years 70AP. He is oh so cute but getting oh so needy even at this young age. Tamagotchi Angel really gets needy much earlier then original Tamagotchi, unfortunately. Yet they stay _about_ the same amount of time, but just get so needy in the end, which is hard on those of us with a job ;). Ginji has been okay, but he empties everything in less then 45 mins, and during all that takes a walk and needs praise once every hour and a half. Considering the game requires complete concentration.. that doesn't make matters any better, thus Tamagotchi Angel isn't my very favorite Tama. I used to think it would be but because of this 75% life of neediness it turned out to be one of my lesser faves, but I do still indeed enjoy it, it is a very different Tama with different variables then other BanDai Tama's.

And finally.. I get to the _other_ BanDai Tama.. DigiMon, that I have going. Sigh. Hehe, if you haven't already seen the result of this one on my list on the Tama logs page.. I must say I'm disappointed! I tried oh how I tried to treat this DigiMon pretty bad, I never filled the hearts completely to 4, hardly played with it, it even went to bed next to poop once I think. I took, what I believed to be, really bad to average care. What.. oh what, what, what did I end up with in all these efforts? The same character I got on the only two other times I have hatched a DigiMon.... GreyMon! Again. For the third time. Three out of three I've got this guy. While there is _nothing_ wrong with him, I really enjoy variety and I'd love to see some of the other characters I can get on DigiMon. Now, I don't know what word to use here for it, but I feel kinda.. strange.. umm.. creepy.. uh.. I’m at a loss for the word, um.. just really really don't want this guy to change. If he does it _will_ be into Metal GreyMon. He stayed until age 66. I enjoyed the experience but I don't want a repeat, considering I am going out of town in less then 3 months and really don't want to have to deal with that guys neediness on my trip. I mean.. last time for 66 days from day 24 and on I lived with him constantly needing attention, every 10-20 mins he was empty on hungry and I had to constantly work off the weight. It wasn't _too_ bad. But it was hard to deal with at work and when I had other things to do with my life but raise this Digi. Including caring for other Tama's at the time. And the major and I mean Major downfall was I could _not_ pause this guy unless it was at night. So once he was awake, he was awake for the day. After I think about age 30 when I showered before he went to bed I ended up showering with him so he wouldn't die, I don't take 10 min showers and didn't want him to suffer. I did _everything_ with him. I do everything with my Tama's, don't mistake me, but I don't usually shower with them. :P But anyway, kinda rambling tonight, this GreyMon is 6yrs, 37lbs, 44% victories. LeAnne's Digi also changed into GreyMon.. Goodness I hope we don't end up with two Metal GreyMon's!

Well I have work early tomorrow so I had better end this here, have a long week ahead, very happy to have Mimitchi back with me. Oh yeah forgot to tell ya, I didn't win Nakamura TamaOtch. Someone outbid me at the very last moment (5 seconds!) till the end of the auction, so sadly I don't have one of these rare Tama's coming my way yet. Maybe some day, but I'm not really desperate for it, but it looks awfully neat. Oh yeah and sorry I forgot to upload log78 the other day, I finished it late at night and got disconnected and it slipped my mind to upload it. Before I logged off that night. Thanks to George P. K. for e-mailing me and telling me! :) Goodnight and have a good week to those out there in Tama land!

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