Tamagotchi Log 12/19/97

12/19/97: Today at 13:39 Kusatchi (Gold Tama) died. The poor guy was so unhealthy, and I wanted him from the beginning, I am happy that I got him, but sad that it's in his programming to leave so early. He was 9 years today. The first time I got him a few weeks ago my gold Tama got messed up and the time began running a minute per second IRL. Thus I did get Takotchi, even though I expected Kusatchi. But the poor guy died at age 8, but it only took a few hours for him to die, doomed to live his life in fast foreword. That day I *promised* him that I would get him back and give him a real chance at life, instead of a life in fast foreword. Somehow I had managed to get him this time and he finally got to live a longer, more normal healthy life. Ironically I got him on the same gold tama. Either way I loved him, he lived a good 9 years even if it was short and He will be missed... maybe I'll get him again in the future :)

Nonetheless becuz of that incident and the Kusatchi reset incident, my ugly gold tama is going into retirement forever. No loss considering I have 19 other Tama's. The only way that Tama will be restarted again is if I take that dare to take care of 19 at once. Speaking of which, my friend LeAnne is still thinking about that. She is still agreeing to pay me $30 dollars if I take care of 19 Tama's at once (including my CD-ROM). Oh well I'll talk more about that later if it happens, but it will be after Christmas.. Oops poor little Ginji needs attention...he's so hard to win the game with sometimes ;)

Anyways, right now I only have 3 Tama's going. Very very diff from running 12 at once :P. I miss them all.. Ginji is the only Tama I have left from that original 12 hatching. Ginji is 18 today. I fear him leaving soon. And I know he will. I love Mimitchi very much, and in relation, I love Ginji almost as much as Mimitchi. Ginji is my fave character from Gen1 and by far the cutest and most adorable Tama of gen1 for me. It hurt me a lot to lose my very first Ginji after working so hard to get him. It'll be hard losing him again. I only wish that Bandai had made it so Tama's usually stay almost two months, instead of almost 1 month. It just seems so short that they stay. Too short.

After Ginji leaves I will only have 2 going, the two I intend on getting Mimitchi on both. Oh yes, and my CD-ROM Tama. Because of work and other things I have been real tired lately. So I am taking LeAnne's advice and not starting any new Tama's until the Tama-1 Group Hatching on Christmas day. I will only start one or two Gen1's that day at 12. That's in hope that I will have time to do it, I hope. With a max of 4 I hope to care for only for this next month. Than after these four I might take LeAnne up on her bet to do 19 at once. But I will see at the time. When I do hatch two gen1's, I am hoping for another Ginji and maybe Mametchi. I have only had one Mametchi out of lack of interest in her. Mametchi, unlike her cousin Mimitchi, I don't find to be as fun as the other Gen1's. I donít know why, but I think Mametchi is kinda boring. But he's an okay Tama to care for; he lives long and is pretty easy to care for. Oh well, I shall see what I end up with. :)

I had a day off today so I started this log kinda early. Its only 18:01 here and not much has happened. 'Cept the death of Takotchi it has been rather quiet. I am hoping as the night goes on that one or both of my Tama's will ask for their final discipline. My Mimitchi Tama (yellow/black) is at 75% discipline, a Tongaritchi. And my other Tama that is gonna be Mimitchi (yellow/blue) is 75% discipline, a Tonmarutchi. No one got sick today, not too much going on, 'kept Ginji is rather demanding, but I donít mind, I love my little Ginji :) heheh Ginji just interrupted the game to poop.... when you gotta go, you gotta go! ;) I'm sure I will write more in this log later tonight.. I hope :)

So finally both are 100% disciplined. I await my Mimitchi to return to me! :) He might tomorrow... I HOPE :) He just got sick! WOOHOOO!!!!! Aw yes, I hope to have Mimitchi back on my Mimitchi Tama tomorrow :) And a couple days later I'll hopefully have a second Mimitchi :) YES YES YES!! Now I can go to bed happy :)

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