Tamagotchi Log 5/29/98

5/29/98: Well stuff has happened.. well Mimitchi made it to 29 years old. That night on his 28th day I hurried to bed and put him to bed, I had a really bad feeling. I wanted to sleep another night with him and have Iím for just a while longer. Well that's all I got, in fact. The next day I woke him up and less then 20 minutes later he passed away. I was getting ready for work when it happened, we were alone, thankfully... I hate it when he leaves me.. I miss him so much, we had a lot of fun as always, many many memories so many good times, I feel less alone in life with my little buddy there with me... well.. he had to leave, it was his time and him leaving every 22 days or the equivalent of 286 hours (maybe a couple more or a little less, but between 270 and 286 worth), is the price I must pay to have him with me always :) I love him, so I must deal.. and I'm dealing by bringing him back as fast as possible. He is age 3 today and already with legs, 75% disciplined and is yet to come back soon! :) I love cheating :P

Babimotchi changed into Imotchi the other day, I hope I get something other then Funkorogatch, but for some reason I just am having no success.. I dunno.. having a hard time taking perfect care with work and 4 other Tama's. Got a feeling I won't get perfect this time. But who knows? He went to bed at 3 years, 12 mg.

Tamatchi on my Japanese P1 changed into Masukutchi today.. I am taking very imperfect care and bad care but disciplining perfectly in hopes that this (being the opposite of all the other times in caretaking) time I will achieve the Japanese secret character, which doesn't seem to be as easy to get as the US ones.

DigiMon is an Agumon, the 'good' teenager in training. So is my Friends, LeAnne. She and I have been fighting them and they are pretty equal for winning and losing, my victories is at 57% right now. Wonder whom I'll get... hopefully someone in the middle.. someone I haven't ever seen before.

Ginji on my Angel is beginning to get a little needy even at age 8, or maybe it's just me? I dunno a little more then before, but basically the same.. just sense a slight difference, nothing to hurt over though.. man he is SOOO cute! I love Ginji so much :)

Cd-Rom changed into Mimitchi.. I skipped a discipline when he was Tonmarutchi and he STILL became Mimitchi, not that there is anything wrong with that, because Mimitchi is oh soo cute on CD-ROM even, but.. I just wanna get other characters for a change..

My apologies for not being around and doing more with my page lately. I have been really busy with work situations and have been very busy. Not too busy for Tama's but too tired and busy to get too much done with the web page. But I'm working on other things. I changed my quotes page, its not random quotes. Nothing to do with Tama's though, Iím adding more sections in the General Tama Info area, in fact I'm gonna update that after this log.

I'm working on writing another JavaScript crossword puzzle, something more challenging this time, maybe. I've started a few, just haven't really found any I really like so far, but I'm working on writing out other ideas until I get one that will be fun, I hope.

Constantly trying to think of things to do that will be fun or good info. You know as soon as I get my Mesu/Osu from Jason (3 months and counting) I will get a page up with my own made animations and such, I promise that. I really have been looking foreword to my Mesu/Osu and I'm thinking of buying a second pair to play with while I await the first pair :P

My Umino Tamagotch is supposed to be on the way soon too. I haven't seen it, but it should be around soon, I'd hope. I don't know what's going on with my mail, but I suspect that something is going on in the post office that is out of my control.... we have lousy postal people here..

Oh ya, almost forgot! I was at TRU and a few other places and found Tama's at half off! Is the virtual pet 'craze' dying or what? Well.. I love Tamas and always will :) I bought the only two on the rack I didn't have, just because. I bought two gen1's. Even though they have "Tamagotchi" at the top of the egg, it really is gen1. One of them is yellow with purple trim, the other is white with red trim. Nothing special, but I like them so I had to get them, why not for a price like that? BTW when I get my 5 Tama's in the mail I won in the auction, I will have a total of 48 Tamagotchi. If I win another auction for Nakamura TamaOtchi (yes its a Tamagotchi from BanDai to a Japanese woman in Japan), then I'll have 49! About to break that 50 mark, and you bet I will if BanDai ever get Tamagotchi Forest and Tamagotchi Ocean to the US!

Well off I go.. hey any of my readers (ya'll is out there I think, cuz I get loads of email about my logs..) have any ideas they would like to see me do on my page, drop me a line and I'll see if it's something I can/want/have time to do in the future, I'm always up for new ideas. I have a few in the works right now, but they are taking time to get up because of work. I pay for my web space though, and I get as much as I want, so I intend on doing as much as I want to do, I love doing this page, just need more free time. Okay I rambled enough for tonight..

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