Tamagotchi Log 5/26/98

5/26/98: Well, lots 'o interesting things be a happenin'. While yesterday, I made my Tonmarutchi miss one discipline, right before I turned off the computer I noticed that my CD-ROM became Mimitchi! I love him, he must know it, because he keeps coming back whenever I get gen2 on CD-ROM ;) I noticed he was sad in the care center so this morning before work I turned on my computer and got him up early so I could heal him, I knew he was sick. Poor guy..

Last night I got an urge to start my DigiMon, so I had my friend LeAnne start hers too, so I didn't have to care for two of them. Since then I've been taking bad care, in hopes of getting anything I've never gotten before.. which is everything but GreyMon and Metal GreyMon. Maybe something in the middle?

While on other thoughts.. Mimitchi is *still* alive. Come on.. I didn't pause him *that* much, yet I know he's really close to dying on me, at age 28. He may go in 3 hours from now, something I really don't want to deal with. I'm very conscious of his poop schedule, for he always leaves right before he is supposed to poop (it's true!). Thus Iíve seen him poop a lot lately :} Very cute look on his face when he does it, that's why I made that animated gif of him pooping, it's on my Mimitchi Tamagotchi page ;). Either way, I don't wish to see him go.. he's so sweet and lovable.. I always miss him so much when he's gone..

This morning two things happened, my Tama on my White Japanese Tamagotch, changed... he got legs! I couldn't believe it! I so wanted to get a bad character, it's so hard to neglect them though. I guess I'm gonna try for Masukutchi this time and maybe the Japanese secret character.

Then at 4:15 I got a shock as I was working. Morino Tamagotch died! He was only 10 years.. but I guess this is normal for a Tama with his health.. poor sweet thing :(. I was shocked though, I just didn't expect it! Well, I rehatched him at 4:30, again the white egg, hoping to get something other then Funkorogatchi. I have no clue why, but I keep getting him.. I'm obviously doing something wrong, I can't read Japanese (yet, I'm working on that...) so I wouldn't even know what to change. I usually get the healthiest characters first then work my way down guess I messed up and am working my way up now, eh? Well, I'm gonna try again. One day maybe I'll make the Babimotchi animation, never seem to get it in time because within 24 hours he changes, and often I just can't because of work.

I hope to even make one of Ginjirotenshi this week, it's kinda complex, and so I make no promises. There is one out there, but it's not right, the animation is not even close, someone was really guessing when they made it ;) He is doing just great at age 5 today, cute as ever. He went on a couple of walks so when he came back he was just standing there with no angel attachments, looking like good ol' Ginji of the pre-angel days :) I love Ginji, he is my fave of Gen1 characters :)

Tonight I also won 5 more Tamagotchi on eBay! Takes my tama count up to 46, BTW. I paid for 2 Ĺ and got 5! :) I believe I only am missing 2 in the set, but I wanted a few extras because a couple of mine lost some paint. (hate that.. :P) The colors listed in the sale are: black, white, silver, camouflage, and tiger stripe. I have the black on, I'm sure of that, though some of the paint came off. I'm not sure about the white because I couldn't tell what border color it was. I have been wanting Silver FOREVER, and finally had the chance to get it! And finally succeeded :). I don't have a camouflage, I figured, why not? Don't like the look much, but hey, it came with the rest and why not add a new one to the collection?

And tiger stripe... this one well.. hehe. What can I say about it? That Tama design I used to own.. and kinda still do. The first Tamagotchi I ever bought was Tiger Stripe, a gen2 of course. Within a single month of handling and constant carrying around where ever I went day and night 24/7, the paint eventually came all off the Tama and ended up on me ;). That Tama is known today as Mimitchi Tamagotchi. He looks very different then he started out, as you might have seen in my scans. But then I realized a couple of things.. no one has a Tama that looks quite like him, so to me he's original, and neatly he was my very first Mimitchi, and ever since, that is all I have ever had on that Tama.. and all I will ever have on that Tama. To me, I can't let go of him. I got too attached I guess, because now I just bring him back every time on that Tama, once I bond with someone, I don't let go easily. Even if it means perfect caretaking time and time again just to bring him back to me.

I am in hopes I won't return to do this log again with a update that Mimitchi died tonight before I go to bed...

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