Tamagotchi Log 5/24/98

5/24/98: Yesterday at 9:13pm, while we were all watching the movie Speed, Ginjirotchi gave in and died. He fought and stayed alive until he was 20 years old. Poor little sweetie. He will be missed, in hopes I get him back again, he is just so sweet and loveable :(

Mimitchi is still hanging on today at 26, geez I didn't realize how much I paused him last week to make sure he'd stay with me through the conference! I don't mind though, we've had a nice weekend today, I love him very much :)

Funkorogatchi is 8 years and 70mg today, he is doing well, not really needing a lot, he gets attacked about once a day or so, not a whole lot, very quiet usually, and oh so loveable :)

Angel last night changed into the healthy teenage angel, which I wasn't happy about. So I'm taking rather bad care in hopes of getting ANYTHING but Kuriten. I hope I don't get the twins again.... I really really really don't want twins again :( I don't care if I get Oyajiten again, just not Futagotenshi! I guess I'll know tonight or tomorrow. Thank goodness I have a day off tomorrow.

I hatched my Japanese gen1 this morning at 12:14pm and I am going for Masukutchi, Kuchipatchi, or Nyorotchi. If I get Masu again I want the secret character. As of right now I'm not sure, I might just go to Kuchipatchi because I'm gonna have to raise Mimitchi this week.

It's been a kinda relaxing weekend after I got out of work Friday. Been watching movies and some other things with my Tama's over the weekend, good weekend for once.. nice and quiet too :)

UPDATE: YES!! I'm soo happy! Ginji Passed away last night.. and now I have him with me in spirit, on Tamagotchi Angel! He's so sweet and adorable! If I an I'll make an animated Gif, but I'm no professional, so I don't think I'll be able to do that. He's so sweet tho! I'm so happy I got him! They should have made a Tama Angel of Mimitchi! Oh how sweet!

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