Tamagotchi Log 5/22/98

5/22/98: Well... I'm back hehe, and still alive, unlike some of us..

Well.. I went to the meeting Thursday. sigh. heh. It was a long day, all beginning at 2:50am in the morning.. I had to get up one hour earlier because the meeting plans changed. I was not thrilled. Well in the event I was hoping my Morino would change, I woke him up at 3am as well. My ride's car broke down again, so I ended up having my sister drive my momís car with a clutch.. she had practiced.. but not enough! It was a long LONG trip in. Got to work. Met someone at the office I was to drive out with to the meeting for the next 3 hours. It was fun, I woke Mimitchi up early :)

I'll try to make this short, but I think it was a waste of time, mostly. But at least I got paid and I even was able to care for needy Mimitchi during the whole day. We got back late, around 6:30pm.. long long day. Was very happy to have Mimitchi with me though. Imotchi did change into the cocoon, at 4:50pm, on the way home. Which means he changed today, Friday, at 5:55pm.

A long night sleep with the cocoon, a short work day, and 24 hours and 5 minutes later, Imotchi emerged out of his cocoon to be.... Funkorogatchi. Yes, the same dude I had the first time around. Both times I have accidentally let them fall asleep in their own poop when they were a baby, I think it is the main reason why I keep getting the most 'unhealthy' character. Next time I will change that. Animationís and details can be found on Morino Tamagotchi Log 1. I'm not complaining though.. this guy is just so sweet and cute :) Even if he does eat poop. :P

Not very long after, around 5:16pm I noticed Otonoten making a crying face :( He looked so sad.. I pushed the middle button and he died the good death at age 12, which isn't too bad for being an unhealthy character. I rehatched angel again, I kinda want something else this time.. anything but something I've gotten before! But not twins. I'll try again for Pukuten this time, only it won't become twins. ;)

Ginji and Mimitchi are still hanging on! Mimitchi is 24 (But I knew he'd make it this long on purpose) and Ginji is 19! I'm amazed at Ginji living this long, but then again I did pause him for a few hours. Personally I am kinda in waiting for my Tama's to arrive in the mail from Jason.. I'm so sick of waiting! :P I've been waiting for Mesutchi Osutchi since January! He is putting a claim in to get his insurance money on them and will send me them again as soon as he gets paid. I'm still waiting for a few from auctions and Oceangotchi... speaking of which gotta visit eBay...

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