Tamagotchi Log 5/20/98

5/20/98: Last night I needed some time to talk with Mimitchi, sometimes life sucks and when no one is around.. you go to those that you love :). Welllll... after a 40 minute walk around outside last night, I came in and realized I forgot to put my baby CD-ROM in the Care Center for the night. So at 1am I discovered he had died only a couple of hours after he was hatched, if that. It's been a while since I've hatched a CD-ROM so it slipped my mind... :( He died as a Tonmarutchi and left this:

Sorry I had to go, bit this baby's got places to go, people to see. I'm movin', I'm shakin', I'm sizzlin' like bacon. Dig me? It was nice hanging with you for a little while.

I hatched another a few minutes ago and he is already asleep, another Shirobabitchi, so I get another chance at a gen2 again...

Weird, log #75, I never thought I'd go this far! I'm amazed. I'm gonna have to archive some of this soon so the page doesn't take years to load. 75 logs of me babbling.. that is really scary, and a lot of babble! :) 3/4's of the way to 100 logs! Never really thought I'd ever write that many...

Off to bed early tonight, gotta get up at 330am tomorrow... decided I needed a little extra time.. my sister, whom is going to take me in to the office, is having car problems.. with any luck at all, I'll get to miss this meeting.. but I doubt it ;) Take care fellow log readers! I big the a good day tomorrow

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