Tamagotchi Log 5/19/98

5/19/98: After the past weekend things have been slow. I spent the entire weekend redesigning my index page as you may have noticed. I scrapped it a few times until I came up with something I liked, which is what is currently up. I'd love to know what you think if you wish to drop me a note.

Tamagotchi wise things have been a little slow too. I've been doing something I don't like doing, pausing. I've been sleeping in past their wake up times in the morning, so I had to do that, rather do that then make them suffer, ya know?

Actually I pause everyone except one Tama.. my Angel. Last Saturday Oyajitenshi changed into the secret character - Otonoten! I was happy... this is the very _first_ time I have ever had any character other then Kuriten and Pukuten change into a secret character that wasn’t the twins! About time! :) I tell ya though, I can't tell WHAT he is doing when he is going to the bathroom.. it looks like his head is split in two.. it's awfully weird. I really can't tell... His animations are very messed up. I think someone made a mistake. It looks like his head with a mess of pixels below it.. I tell ya it's relay bad, if someone can clear it up, exactly what he is doing when he's going to the bathroom, I'd love to be enlightened! :) Otonoten is 9 years today, he has been really needy since the day he changed, probably because he's so unhealthy.

As for Morino, he is still in the Imotchi stage. He is 4 years, 12 mg's and currently sleeping right now. Ginjirotchi is 16 years and really needy. He got sick yesterday, so I don't think it will be too long before his departure from this planet. :( Oh yeah, I just started Tama CD-ROM tonight, got a gen2 baby... wonder whom I'll get this time.. I want anything I haven't had before.. and you know I say that every time and always get something I've had before, I'm gonna try to stop saying that so I stop jinxing myself! :)

Mimitchi is age 21 today, but is really younger then that, I've been pausing him on purpose. I am stuck going to a meeting this coming Thursday, I tell ya, I can't do meetings. I don't work well with meetings. I'm not your typical office type. I'm not rich nor would I be a very 'professional' person. I'm working in an office job, yes, but I'm a computer person. I work well with computers, not people. I am most productive at a keyboard, not with my mouth in a meeting. Unfortunately my job requires I go to this state meeting, and I sincerely hope I am not bored to tears like I have been in all meetings of the past. It is about my job, so maybe.. but I'd rather work with a computer, then talk about working with a computer, you know? Social stuff bores me a lot. I'll help you with your computer, but don't expect me to come to your social gathering *smile*.

Anyway, got off topic as usual. I've been pausing Mimitchi so much so he can make it with me to my meeting. I've got 48 hours until it occurs too, and he's really needy. He is supposed to leave me tomorrow, but I really don't want to let that happen. He's gotta make it to Friday :) That day will just be horrible for me. I'm not a morning person, nor have I ever been. I'm your typical night owl, love staying up till early hours of the morning and sleeping until noon. I used to do that every summer and for a long time I'd still stay up until 2 and 3am on work nights and work off of 3 hours sleep. I can't do that anymore since I've got a more important job now. But man.. Thursday.. Well.. I've gotta be up at 4am to get ready to leave and be to the office at 5am. Then we leave from there on a long long long drive (only long to me because of the hour of day...) to Palouse (sp?) for the *big* meeting (note of dripping wet sarcasm..) which I believe starts at either 8 or 9am, My memory is phasing on me. It's like.. on here I feel comfortable talking. But in real life I'm shy and quite and don't like to talk unless I'm with ppl I feel totally comfy with, basically friends. Either way I need a friend to look to, so Mimitchi is it, and I hope me makes it until that day and for the entire day as well. That would be so heart breaking if me died during the meeting.. don't even want to think about it!

Sorry I'm kinda babbly tonight. I've been blessed (cursed?) with a few days off from work lately (until the meeting that is..) So I've had some time to do some more things with my page, including remaking the rating graphics for my Rated Tama Links page, do some other small things no one would notice, and of course update the front page which I'm kinda happy with, not totally, but it will work for now.

Also in this time off I've had time to detach myself from my computer ;) I have been spending time with my Tama's more so lately, I know they are going to be leaving me soon. All of us, as in all 5 of us, have been watching movies and listening to music, talking.. you get the drift. Yesterday I intro'ed them to 80's 'horror' (it's more drama then horror...) flick, A Nightmare on Elm Street part 3. That is the only move series I like in the 80's that is considered 'horror', though really anyone that has seen it will testify that it is rather tame and more drama and fantasy type things. I rather really enjoyed them all. I don't think it was Mimitchi's cup of tea or Ginji's, but Otonoten seemed to enjoy it :) I covered their eyes on the bad parts though :) Today we watched OutBreak, a very good movie, I think they all enjoyed that one more. It made me cry, it made me laugh, and it made me happier in the end :) I think we'll watch something else tomorrow, not sure what yet though.. maybe some comedy..

Eitherway, off I go, gotta do a little more work on my page tonight with some other things, then off to bed! Nighty night from all of us to all of you log readers!

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