Tamagotchi Log 5/16/98

5/16/98: I am happy to say that I have not got twins on my Tama angel! I got Oyajitenshi yesterday morning at 10:03am. He is the lowest on the growth chart, and requires a lot of care already. He may or may not change into the secret character Otonoten, either way, as long as I don't get Futagotenshi this time around, I am thrilled! About time, took 5 times to get a adult character that won't very likely change into the Twins.

Mori passed away yesterday morning, you prolly know that if you read my Morino log. I also did mention this in the Mori logs, from now on I am going to combine the two logs now and write about all my Tama's back here again. I am keeping up those two pages to reflect the experience of my first two Mori's. Plus I am going to be adding more animated gif's I make to the Morino pages and some in these logs as I get the new characters, so y'all will know what I'm talking about, for those that don't have a Morino yet.

I hatched him again yesterday morning and hatched the white egg, I prefer the white egg to the spotted, it's a lot more mystery to it. This morning he changed into Imotchi already, in a few days I except him to go into a cocoon, so we shall see!

Mimitchi is still with me at age 18 today, actually I think it's 17 because I accidentally aged him when he was younger. But then again I don't think the age is ever right, I like him staying a couple days longer then he should :) This time I am trying to make sure he reaches a few days older then he should. I'm stuck going to a work meeting in Palouse on this coming Thursday, its a business meeting and boy I sure will need Mimitchi's company then, I really hate meetings!

I still have Ginji, he is getting a little needy tho, it just seems as though I just got him and he's going to be leaving again already! He's 13 today and most likely to leave at age 17 or 18, somewhere around there. I'm not sure, but it won't be too long, unfortunately...

I've been not as up on updating things as much lately because I am in the process of deciding the new format for my main index, it's grown too big, I need to change it, I personally think it looks horrible, I'm sure you all agree! So I'm making new graphics and writing a new format. This is the 2nd time I've rewritten that page, the first time my visitors never saw, I never finished it because it just wasn't what I wanted it to be, so I scrapped that and have started with a new idea, that will hopefully be nicer looking and more organized.

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention, I bid on and won two more Tama's on eBay! I should be getting them in a few weeks, so I'll talk about them when I get them. I bought them off of an owner that no longer wants them, so they will have a good home with me :) And I have also bought another Tama from Jason, Milky White, it's Japanese and it too will be coming my way hopefully really soon. I just couldn't resist buying more! I believe that brings my count up over 40, I'll have to update my page for that and see what I come up with. Jason is in process of receiving his insurance money for my Osu and Mesu and hopefully they will be redelivered my way in the next month... I hope so.

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