Tamagotchi Log 5/13/98

5/13/98: Wow, log number 72, never thought I'd have this many. That's a lot of babbling I've done! Wonder what 100 will look like...

Well first off, my CD-Rom got picked up and went home to his planet a couple of days ago at age 13. He was Kuchipatchi, and was mostly cared for by the Care Center. I don't think they did as good a job with him, but he was very unique when it came to the voice. He left me the following:

There is a saying on your planet - Always, no, never - wait a minute, I remember, "Would you like fries with that?" It is a wise saying and I will live my life back on Tamagotchi according to its teachings.

Yes that's it. Rather disappointing but hey, it made me laugh a bit, kinda went with the character, a bit weird.

Morino Tama is doing well and age 13, if you read my Morino logs, I'm sure you know that ;). And Mimitchi and Ginji are doing great as well. Mimitchi is 14 today and Ginji is 10 :)

The twins, Ammm and Pommm, are however in the celestial heavens at Tamagotchi planet. Last night about 5:19pm they beeped at me. It is the beep you hear when you praise them, except it sounded lower. I picked up my Angel to see them both standing there, looking peeved, as they have the last 3 times. I pressed the B button and the screen split into thirds, a star shot up from the bottom in the middle frame and burst when it got to the top, filling the screen with stars. I restarted it again, about 2 hours later last night, I decided I again want a new character I've never gotten before, and so I am trying again. Maybe I'll get lucky and on try number five I will get something other then the twins. I hope to get the middle character, then get the secret character. Maybe Lucky Unchi-Kun? I hope so.

Today is my day off, one I chose because I haven't been feeling my best lately. It's been nice, and quiet. I'm prolly gonna pull out a movie and we'll (myself and my Tama's that is) watch it, then later on this evening I'm gonna be attending a chat with Joe McIntyre, he will be on IRC tonight. I'm currently just updating current pages, and in the future I might take this thing into a Frames version, no worry, I'll still leave the no frames version up. I'm not a fan of frames, but I think some pages look pretty good with it, if it's used right. Maybe I'll have that success, I dunno..

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