Tamagotchi Log 5/10/98

5/10/98: Well I guess a lot has happened. I got my sweet Mimitchi back a short while ago and he is 12 years old today, very un-needy and loveable as always :).

I hatched my Japanese Tama on the 4th and since I haven't written a log. Well I wanted either Ginji or Masukutchi. This morning I was in the shower and after I got out (after falling down and bruising part of my body) I looked at my tama and found..... I gootttttt GINJI!!! I missed him soo much. It has been forever since I've had Ginji! I haven't had him since January 1st! I missed him a lot. There's this song on one of my Adam Sandler albums, it's titled "Sweet Beatrice". I bought that tape sometime last year, and that song was playin' on the day Ginji left me... ever since I've always sung that song "He's my sweet Ginjirotchi.." Now _finally_ he's back so I can stop missing him so much! :)

I still have both my Morino and Angel going as well. Angel is the twins... still. Not that I expected them to change again... but hey I can hope, right? They are 13 years old, 90ap, all full and happy for the time being. They are losing hearts more then usual lately. Will they be staying for a long long long time this time? Or will they go at age 15? I've only paused them for an hour this time around and don't intend on pausing them anymore. I had to, I wanted to sleep in! :)

Yesterday I had not planned on doing much, but I ended up going out anyways. All of us and my friend LeAnne (Hi Maurer!) went to a movie at 250pm. It was The Object of My Affection and it was great! I LMAO soo much, plus it was sad too at parts, almost made me cry! Everyone was good during the movie, cept Angel. She beeped at me toward the end of the movie, I mean the VERY end too. I paused her and when I got out I found I paused her for a grand total of 7 minutes! Ammm and Pommm don't like me. Oh well, it was a good movie.

After that we headed straight to Northtown Mall, It was time to shop for Mothers' Day gifts and my sisters B-day is today too. I went to Kaybee to check on Tama's and they had them for only 9.99. But then they had TamaAngels for 17.99 and Digi's at 17.99 too. They had not had any clear Digi's or DigiMon II's not to mention any III's. I haven't seen any Digi 2 or 3's anywhere, guess they haven't made it here yet. They don't eve have any Tama Garden or Ocean in this side of the US yet. I love my Forestgotchi, well worth the money I spent to get a Japanese one. The rest of the day was spent trying to find 'the perfect gift'. Which took me through the entire mall, many shops there and then over to Shopko, where I finally found something. Then dinner at Taco Time, which was kinda nasty I might add. Wonder if Tama's have a place like that back home? Tama Time? heh. Bet it has better 'food' (?) then Taco Time!

I also bought a Japanese Course, with a dictionary, conversational book and follow along cassettes. Hey I wanna learn it! Maybe I'll be able to communicate better with my Japanese Tama's ;). So that's about it, doing my usual weekend at the computer.. Until next time - don't forget to buy summer clothes for your Tama's! :)

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