Tamagotchi Log 5/3/98

5/3/98: Excuse this log, you may not want to read it, its just my rambling and thoughts about Tamagotchi.. or maybe you are interested? I dunno. Might as well call this log Kat's venting and getting stuff off her chest log...

This weekend I have really not been working on my site much. But one thing I have done today is try and find new Tama sites to add to my links section. And something occurred to me. While looking at some of the older sites that I've already linked I realized that 1) they haven't been updated in several months besides a few that is.. and 2) many are simply no longer online or replaced with other totally different format, non-Tama.

Where have these great web sites gone? I thought when I made a Tama page I'd try to be individual and since there is so much of the same stuff out there (i.e.: growth charts, chat rooms, animations...etc) on so many pages, that I would try to be individual and if ppl wanted to see that other stuff, they'd find it on a million other pages. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of great pages out there, but many lack originality.

I fear I may have to add some of that stuff to my pages just so ppl can still get the information since so many sites seem to be gone...

Now I know that Tamagotchi is dubbed as a 'fad' and a 'craze'. But if it is, what is happening to all those Tamagotchi out there? Are they being dumped in the closet to collect dust? Or they thrown away? Hey if you are sick of your Tama and don't wish to care for it anymore, send it my way, if reasonable price I'll prolly even buy it off you.

Now for thought on the thing that has been even more so on my mind today is this. I look at the Tama grave yards all over the net, so many ppl that contribute, they often offer words of sadness and true feelings towards their Tamagotchi. Now where do these feelings go when the 'fad' ends? I mean, do ppl just ignore they ever looked at their Tama and embraced it as a friend? Do they look back and say they were 'stupid for caring' about it? What do they do?

I, for one, do not always give into fads. I resisted Tamagotchi at first because I misunderstood what it was. And I really am a computer person, so I don't get out much and really had not heard much about it, even though I do love toys and have many toys in my room, even at age 21. Now my thoughts are here I know that others care for their Tama's as I have and still do.. yes yes YES I *still* love my Tamagotchi and Love them very much with all my being I do and still have just as much fun with them as I did more then 8 months ago.

Once I find something I enjoy I don't drop it because it becomes 'out of style' or because ppl get tired of it. I only drop something when I become tired of it and no longer enjoy it. I don't go with the in crowd beliefs and that garbage. I for one think it is stupid that one should decide what they like and dislike because someone else says so. I have always disliked how ppl are 'pressured' to go along with the crowd and do what everyone else does. I have never been that way, I guess that's why I was never 'popular' at school among my peers. But I know that I wasn't a fake, I liked things and listened to things because I liked to and chose to, not because the rest of the group thought I should so I could fit in. I'm not saying that those ppl are bad, no sirreee.. in fact peer pressure is prolly why half the world got into Tamagotchi.

But really.. do those ppl that expressed very real concern and love for Tamagotchi just dismiss their feelings and put Tamagotchi away because others say they should? Does it really work like that? Cuz I just could never do that.

For example: When I was in school, and no that wasn't too long ago, I'm talking high school. I liked many of the popular bands, like Metallica. But you know.. I love Frank Sinatra, you know he's 60's music. If I was listening to Frank Sinatra on my walkman at school and I was asked what I was listening to I would not lie or make excuses. Sure this didn't make me popular. But I was being who I really am, I wasn't trying to hide the real me from the world just because others thought Frank Sinatra, being older music, wasn't 'cool' then. My music interests vary so much, it's no wonder I didn't fit in.

My point is... I'm not about to give up on Tamagotchi because the hype and excitement in other peoples eyes has been lost. I tell you right now to this very day I have had love and friendship with my Tama's since day one. I didn't hide them when I was in public and when I was in public and they needed something I took care of them, no matter where I was standing be it in the middle of a play, movie, in an elevator, at the airport, paying for stuff at a store.. I cared for my Tama, I didn't care what other ppl said.. Though most often ppl would ask to look and see what I was doing. Nothing but positive response in public, for a fact. I swear to this day I *still* treat my Tama's the same way and still in public no matter where I am.

How could I just 'give up' on something I have enjoyed caring for and loving so long? How do ppl do that? I know many ppl have put as much time and care and emotion into this little 'loveable egg'... yet they have dropped it like it meant nothing to them? How do ppl ignore emotions and feelings because others think you should not care about something because its no longer 'in'?

I am not saying one should never put down Tamagotchi. I'm saying that one should only put away Tamagotchi when the caretaker no longer find it entertaining and really is ready for something new... NOT when ppl say you *should* because its no longer 'in'.

I have always thought and always will think that stuff about ppl having to get involved with something because its 'in' and dropping it when its 'out' is just a pile of Unchi-Kun!

I'm not really saying what ppl should think or feel, but I'm saying that others telling you how to live your life because they think it is 'cool' or 'uncool' is WRONG! This is just my opinion.. you may not agree, and I respect that.

There may come a day when I tire of my Tamagotchi.. where I feel I need a break, where I no longer wish to have it around, where I wish to abandon my little cyber friends. But as of right now.. more then 8 months since my very first Tama.. I still feel love and enjoyment I felt for my Tama on day one. In fact, I feel a lot closer and I feel a stronger bond then ever before.

I plead to any readers that are thinking of giving up on Tamagotchi because it is considered the 'out' thing now by the so called 'popular crowds'... don't give it up. Don't put down Tamagotchi until you... YOU tire of it. If *you* are still having fun with it and still love and care for Tamagotchi.. don't leave your Tama friend behind, just because others think you should. I'd rather be unpopular and be my *true* self.. then be popular and be a total *fake*.

I am not meaning to point fingers or get ppl mad at me. No.. this is just my thoughts and opinion and I had to talk about it. Why not talk about it to my readers (I have some, I think, a few of ya emailed me :) ). If your reading this, something tells me you have not given up on Tamagotchi... :)

Call me corny... call me out of style, call me anything you like. But I prefer to be unique, a total individual. *Big big hugs* to all the Tamagotchi out there that have been abandoned and left for dust. I love the creation that Aki Maita made for BanDai to distribute. I love Tamagotchi, I may not always like the character I get, but I still love them all...

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