Tamagotchi Log 5/1/98

5/1/98: Well.... It's been an interesting week. Yesterday night my angel changed into an adult at age 3. She, unfortunately, became Kuriten.... again. 4th time in a row. I do hope I don't get the twins again. I just can't seem to get anything but the best character on angel, even with leaving AP at 0 most of the time. ugh.

Yesterday I lost my dear beloved Mimitchi. He was 22 years.. the deadly 22 comes back. He left me last night while I was working on some JavaScript. About 11:07pm my time he left me... I guess it was good we were alone. I love Mimitchi... even after 8 months of always having him.. I mean.. I still think about him a lot, maybe even more, since the first time I got him last year. Constantly on my mind, especially when he is gone.. he's one of my dearest friends and when he leaves it still hurts... I hatched him again last night and went to bed much later then I wanted, but I'll do anything for him or to get him back...What would I do without him?

And to top that off Morino Tama died today too... I hatched another.. ill talk about him more in Morino logs though

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