Tamagotchi Log 4/29/98

4/29/98: I got a response from Jason regarding my expected-for-3-months Angelgotchi, Mesutchi & Osutchi. I will hopefully get what I have been waiting for forever. I'm not so sure I'll be buying from him anymore, or on the net, unless I really trust the person... actually I did trust him.. I dunno what happened with my stuff.. This would happen to my most long awaited Tamaís.. I have wanted them forever! :P

I just hatched a CD-Rom tama, for the first time in a long time it seems. He is a P1 Babitchi right now, soon to be a Marutchi within the hour.. I'm hoping to get anything I havenít gotten before :) I'd be great to get Tarakotchi, I love that guy.. he may have smelly feet, but he's ohh sooo lovable! :)

Morino Tama is doing great, he is 9 years today, I am happy with him, heís very sweet, I wrote in my Morino logs today, it will be uploaded later on tonight after he goes to sleep :)

Mimitchi is 21 today, my sweet dear Tama will be leaving me, most likely tomorrow. Thank goodness I have the day off, I hope he makes it to bed tonight, I'm kinda lonely without him. He is doing well, emptying all hearts within 30 mins or less. I'm gonna miss him so much... We really didn't have a lot of time this time around. I feel like I've only had him 3 days and he's already about to leave.

Last week, I think I forgot to write about. But last Wednesday,.. um.. 23rd I think. I went to America and Lovin' Spoonful concert. I had Mimitchi and Morino Tama. I took Morino outta the Japanese case I normally carry it in, and put Mimitchi in it. Then I hung him around my neck so he could watch the entire show :) We had pretty good seats too. I'd say it was a lot of fun, 60's and 70's rock for those that don't know. It was a had to be there situation... but I'm pretty sure Mimitchi had fun :)

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