Tamagotchi Log 4/28/98

4/28/98: This morning I felt the urge, so on my late way out the door on the way to work I grabbed my white Tamagotchi Angel and decided it's time to try for another character. I have always ended up with Futagotenshi, this time I plan on getting someone different... anyone! I don't care whom! :)

So I hatched it this morning around 9am and after an hour of demanding caretaking, she became the slightly ugly Maruten. I don't think that character was made very cute, she’s cute, in a really weird way though ;).

Mimitchi on the other hand is of age.. he will pass away in the next 2 days I think. He has been really needy, and that’s okay, I'm happy to oblige to his needs, sadly I know he will depart no matter what I do for him :(

Um.. Yes my Morino Tama is still alive, but for right now, I'm going to keep the logs separate, lets just say he's alive and very cute and happy :)

Sadly that's all I really have to type today. I'm working on converting one of my current pages into Java, so it's much more fun, hopefully I'll have that up in the next week or two, I dunno. Anyway, take care good readers (all two of ya prolly ;))

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