Tamagotchi Log 4/27/98

4/27/98: Well it's been 7 whole days since I have written one of these logs, I've even had people say something, so here it is the long awaited log 65, just to tell you not a lot has gone on. :)

Actually on April 19th I hatched my Morino Tamagotchi and made a separate section for it, as well as a separate page for it. I am not so sure I will keep writing logs in that section, as I may just combine everything into here after my first few Morino Tama's.

What have I been doing though? Well I'm only caring for Mimitchi and my Morino Tama. Two.. amazing, I'm using to having at least 3 going. I will be back to that at a later time. My interest is not fading.. no no no.. rather I have been concentrating my efforts into Morino Tamagotch, whom ppl say is hard to get past the cocoon stage, which btw I managed to get mine past. If you read my Morino Logs you can find out more about that.

Also a good portion of this week has been spent working and learning a bit of JavaScript so I could put together my newest page, Tamagotchi CrossWord which I am happy to say came out even better then I thought. It also represents the most work I've ever done in JavaScript, a victory for myself. Other then that I have spent a lot of time creating images for Morino Tama and writing those pages, updating some small things on my site that no one will notice hehe, and doing other things, all web page related. I figure if I took a week from my web page it'd mean that much more time to think of new ideas for web pages. Fortunately things will be back to normal soon and I'll spend less time creating animated gif's and start back writing more in this log, seeing that ppl actually read this stuff. hehe :)

Anyway, my sweet Mimitchi is 19 years today and is getting kinda needy, so I fear his departure in a few days, unfortunately. My Morino Tamagotch, is rather needy himself, so he might be leaving within this week himself.

A letter is being written to the man that owes me a Mesutchi & Osutchi and an Angelgotch, in hopes I am not being ripped off. I just want my Tama's! :P

Anyways, that is all I have for today, I am back to working on a couple of animations for my Morino page and I'm backed up on email. Farwell kind readers...

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