Tamagotchi Log 4/20/98

4/20/98: Well I guess it's about time I write a log eh? After taking absolute perfect care of Masukutchi and Zukitchi, they didn't change, to my disappointment.. :( I have tried so hard and I don't know why they don't change! I've done it on the American Tama's, why can't I get results on the Japanese Tama's?

Sadly, yesterday Zukitchi passed away. To this moment I have no clue what I did wrong. I can only guess because I was in and out of the room all night I missed his call for attention and I was really busy, so somehow I think he died uncared for. Yet the attention light was _not_ on when he died. So I dunno. He slept in poop twice when he was younger because he went right before he slept and I was moving the icon over and he slept before I was able to push flush. That toilet icon is too many down the screen... sigh. Otherwise I have no clue what happened.. but I've never ever had a Zukitchi die at such a young age! I feel rotten either way.. It was my fault I'm sure.. I did something wrong, poor thing :(

Last night I decided to start up my Morino Tamagotch. I will do a page dedicated to this new little tama I got from Japan. But I decided that a web page can wait.. I really want to hatch him the firs time and not be worried about keeping track of times and such, I'll do that the second time around. Either way when he hatched he went right to bed, instead of staying up for an hour. As a young one they don't do what Tama's do, they don't need that first hour of attention. That stage of demand is not present. He just went to bed after his first day at 8pm! :) Oh I found out, my baby is in the Yo-chu-chi stage and is a Baby-mo-chi!

Masukutchi is getting demanding because he didnít change. So he will be departing in the next few days, he is only 16 years.. so he prolly won't be around a few days from now. I won't be hatching too many over the next week or so, because I want to concentrate on Morino Tamagotch and my Mimitchi of course :) Whom is doing quiet well at age 12 I might add :)

Tonight when I got home and turned on my computer after work, I found my CD-Rom Tamagotchi, Nyorotchi had left me at age 13. Which is kinda a average age for that guy... he left me this note:

"I know I wasn't a very polite eater, but I just couldn't help it. The food you gave me was delicious! But now I think I'm learning to slow down a little and enjoy my food. That way it lasts longer! Yummmm!"

Bye bye little Nyorotchi... I don't know if I'll hatch another CD-Rom for a day or two.. maybe tomorrow. Things have been really busy lately. Wednesday I have a concert I'm going to with Leanne and my Tama's :) It's Lovin' Spoonful and America. I don't know much about the first, but I enjoy America a lot, so does Mimitchi, so I think we'll have fun... Otherwise work has been the major factor lately.. but other things happen, I'll tell more in the next log though... ;)

Update: Masukutchi died in mid after noon the next day.. he was only 17..... so now I'm down to two Tama's...

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