Tamagotchi Log 4/13/98

4/13/98: You might notice my lack of logs now, as opposed to say.. a couple of months ago. This is due to the fact that my site has grown _a lot_ this last two months. While I will do logs, I enjoy doing them, I won't be able to do them as often. I'd expect about two or three times a week now, instead of every other day. I've got to keep up with the horoscopes page, links page, and logs as well as general maintenance. So it builds up, especially when I go to work as well.

I have been caring for three Tamaís this week, plus a CD-Rom tama. The Cd-Rom is gen1 and it changed into Kuchitamatchi yesterday, which I am happy, I want any character, except one I have gotten before. :)

Today about 11:10am my Japanese gen2 changed into Zukitchi, which is exactly whom I wanted. Then this afternoon about 12:51 I got Mimitchi back on my Mimitchi Tama. :) I am very happy as to his return! :) On my white Japanese gen1 I have Masukutchi. He asked for his last discipline today and I am praying to get the secret character this time. I think I will, I was very attentive and everyone was cared for exactly as I wanted them to be. I want Zukitchi to change as well, as you prolly guessed.

Sadly Mimitchi is one day late of returning. I really wanted him around yesterday for Easter. I decided since I needed to concentrate on caretaking and not decorating that I would not dress up any of my Tama's for Easter, but they did go egg hunting with me. Every year our family does an egg hunt for money and prizes. Well I won $1.75 and a free movie, so that's not bad, compared to last year, which I think was .50 cents ;) Nothing like a cold Sunday walking around 2 acres in cold freshly rained on grass for 2 hours in the afternoon with Tamas! ;) It was a.. interesting day.. wish Mimitchi was there.. oh well he's here now.

With a day off, and an order from my doctor to let my eyes rest for a few days, instead of wearing my contact lenses, I spent the majority of the weekend on my computer fixing up my pages and adding new information. While today I ventured back to one of my old stomping grounds and got back in to Active Worlds, a 3-D virtual reality chat world. Not only for chatting, but for building a home and a community. While I've never built, never really explored it, I loved looking at the creations and riding the rides and railways, 'seeing the world' so to speak. I was using it when it was called Alpha World, because 2 years ago that was the test version. Now its in full swing with the new name Active worlds, which I donít like.. so to me.. it's always AlphaWorld hehe :) Very fun.. thought if I ever immigrated and bought membership (2 years ago no money was required, so either you are a guest, or a member) I thought about making Tamagotchi World :) If I get a lot of time off to learn the programming I just might... think.. about it.. hmm.. hehe :) If you want to know what Iím talking about go to www.activeworlds.com! :)

Anyways, off I go for a while, I'm sure to have a log if/when I get the Japanese secret characters, and scans will definitely happen! Till then.. Happy caretaking!

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