Tamagotchi Log 4/9/98

4/9/98: Well after the death of my DigiMon I finally let go and instead of starting him again, I put the tab back in early this morning. While I intend on rehatching him, it won't be for a few weeks or more, maybe not even for a month. I miss Digi, he was a sweetie.. It took me 2 days to put the tab in, the longest I've ever left a tama on the death screen. I'm not attached to him the way I am Mimitchi, but I dunno.. he's special, Metal GreyMon, even though he wasn't the cutest, and got needy for the last month and a half of his stay with me, he really was a great guy.

April 7th I opened up my blue/black gen2 Japanese Tamagotch, with Mimitchi at the top. I decided to start this Tama on my way to work. He is 75% disciplined and got sick earlier today. And of course.. I am going for a secret character.

This afternoon at 1:10pm the dreaded happened. I knew he would. I was searching through some papers at work, standing across from my friend LeAnne in the office. Mimitchi Tama beeped for attention, when I looked at him he was taking a dump and the skull was on the screen. Before the poop even got on the screen, the screen checkered to black and came back to him in bed. This is the first time I've seen the death sequence interrupt a pooping tama. The dreaded beeping of his heart beat began slowly as the poor thing laid in his bed. I just looked up at LeAnne as the beeping echoed in the office. I put down what I was working on and went into my office and closed the door. I said my goodbyes to him and hopes and promises I will see him within the week once again. He will be back. Because I was at work I had to keep my mind on work and try not to show my feelings, no one there understands how I feel about my Tama's, especially how I say I love them, especially Mimitchi. They don't get it.

After my sweet Mimitchi died I immediately rehatched him. I was at work and wasn't allowed to mourn really. One must learn to silently mourn in this world. I am computer tech person at work, so I just got back in front of my computer and continued working on some stuff, I had to wipe away a few tears though... I miss him when he's gone, I hate seeing him pass away like that.

So right now I have 4 Tamagotchi going. My Cd-Rom was just hatched a few minutes ago, a Babitchi. I have my soon to be Mimitchi Tama, age 1 year old Tongaritchi only of course. Then I have my Tamatchi on my White Japanese Tama, he's 4 years old, And then my Blue Japanese gen2, whom is 3 years today a Tongaritchi.

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