Tamagotchi Log 4/7/98

4/7/98: It was 9:19pm, 19 minutes after DigiMon had gone to bed. He went to bed hungry though. I guess I should have woken him up. I still wonder if the next minute would have been different.

At 9:20pm on this Tuesday my 66 year old, true age, at 50 lbs (his minimum is 40lbs), strength completely full, hunger empty, 51% victory. He was a needy little thing, constantly wanted food.. but he died at his old age of 66, I figured it would happen sooner or later, but I figured he'd make it to 70, guess I was wrong.

I was talking to friends online when I heard that dreaded steady beeping coming from the other side of the desk. He has always changed in his sleep, guess it makes since that he would chose then to leave, at least it wasn't like at 2am or something, I would have missed him. I picked him up and saw him standing there on the screen, so sad, his eyes closed, hunched over, looked so sad, the steady beeping changed pitches ever few beeps. This lasted for a good minute. Then he did something I haven't, or at least don't recall, ever seeing a DigiMon do - Lay an egg. I don't think my first GreyMon did it and nor did any of my friends do that. But he smiled really big on the left side of the screen and an egg flickered on the right side. Then the screen cleared and a computer appeared on the left, main frame computer I'm assuming, and his 66 yr on the other side, I'll scan that tomorrow. Then he was gone. That's it.

You know.. he wasn't that bad at all. Not the cutest thing, but he had style and personality, not to mention strength and the will to live on past what I've ever seen in a Tama. I had a lot of respect for Digi. He has been with me since January 30th, an amazing amount of time to live for a Tama. He is by far my oldest living virtual pet, now if I could only get Mimitchi that long ;)

I feel rotten tho, would have he stayed another day had I chosen to wake him up and feed him completely? I think I'll ponder that question forever. Did he die because he was hungry? Did I kill him by not awaking him from his slumber? These questions plague my mind, and will forever I am sure...

I am very sure I've never seen a Digi lay an egg for me before and if so I don't recall. Since he left the egg, I will hatch that egg sometime soon. Not for a while though, I need time to mourn with him this time. I love ya Digi, I'm sorry I didn't wake you up to feed you tonight....

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