Tamagotchi Log 4/5/98

4/5/98: Well I gotta start off this log by saying that the week vacation was not only good.. but it was one of the best experiences I've had in a very long time. My dear friend Brendan came up from California and spent the week with me, a vacation long overdue for him and myself. While I was stuck working at the office for a couple of days, otherwise it was totally relaxing. I started out with my four Tama's running; Metal GreyMon (DigiMon), Mimitchi (Tama 2), Futagotenshi (Angelgotchi), and Masukutchi (Tama 1). I decided that they should meet Brendan and I'd just keep them going for the week. Brendan brought up his Mimitchi and Marutchi. His Marutchi got unpaused while he was on the plane and he didn't know it, so by the time he pulled it out of his pocket it had 4 poops and the skull on the screen. He luckily saved it and eventually this week got the best teenage character, Tamatchi.

This week really can't be put into words very well.. Let's just say I am not a happy person.. but this week I was very happy for a long time. Brendan is a very close friend I met online and have met in real life 2 other occasions. We celebrated a year together on the 30th, in person, something we didn't think would ever happen. We went out to dinner at a very expensive fish restaurant in Post Falls, Red Lobster, on that night.

We did as much as we could in the little time we had, often being up very late, often after 3 and 4am and not getting up till past noon, which was just fine with me, but I had to pause my Tama's. DigiMon paused pretty well for a few hours if I paused him while sleeping.. I usually accidentally wake him up now and again after he sleeps so I think it still evens out. We played games, went to some of the best food places in town, played Nintendo, went to arcades, took long car rides, went shopping, bowling, and watched Lost in Space in the theater yesterday. I kept my Tama's with me the whole time, occasionally pausing Mimitchi and Masukutchi.

I havenít received my Oceangotchi in the mail yet, unfortunately, but I will soon. And yet again, no sign of Mesutchi & Osutchi and Angelgotch.. I'm a bit pissed at Jason.. He doesn't really care because he has my money, but my Tamaís are lost in the mail.. I'm gonna find someone else to buy from online....

Anyway, you prolly read in my last log, that I managed to write but forgot to upload, that my twins finally died at the age of 47.. I feel that is artificial, but not by too much.. I am very sure I did not pause 17 days worth.. Iím pretty sure itís more like a maximum of 5 days.. I know she made it until for real, but I can't prove that unless I do it all over again and never pause her... and really.. after the last 47 days I am not really excited about hatching another Angel for a long time... though my friend LeAnne got Ginji angel.. and he's sooooo cute.....

So whom might I have now? Well Cd-Rom was not rehatched... though I believe I will shortly again.. not sure when, I have a lot of work to catch up on this coming week... This morning right before we left to drop Brendan off at the airport, Masukutchi died, it was about noon, he was 17 and on my Japanese Tamagotchi gen1. I have not started him yet, but I soon will, I didn't get secret character because I have been so busy lately, plus it was my vacation.. and man, I loved my vacation too much to be _the_ perfect character.. guess I should've put him on pause eh?

Mimitchi is alive still, sitting next to me on pause for the moment at age 22, of course that is artificial. He would die today if I didn't pause him every now and again.. I love having him around and this week I kinda need him in my life.. it's back to being a bit lonely.

I only have 2 going right now because everyone has passed away.. the first is Mimitchi.. so the second one is.. I bet you guessed it.. Metal GreyMon.. my very very old DigiMon. He is still alive and needy at age 64 today. This is very real, you can't really pause or age a DigiMon, at least I don't think you can age Digi, I've never tried it. I'll take a pic when he leaves. If he leaves. I'm beginning to think he never will, and thatís okay, he's very needy, but since he only loses hunger hearts and only one strength heart every hour or so, it's really easy to care for him. And the game is really easy, I don't have to win, so I just play with one hand while I do other things, so I can keep him healthy and keep his weight down. So really, it's not that bad at all.

I'd tell more detail about the week.. but it was a more 'had to be there' situation to really enjoy it. My Tamaís had fun being around Brendan's Tamaís and we all had fun on our crazy and wild days. You see, some people have to get drunk to have fun. I only need two things to have fun: my dearest friends and a little money to make it on. And I can tell you.. this week was the very definition of fun and relaxing!

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