Tamagotchi Log 12/16/97

12/16/97: I sit here numbly after a sad day at work. I had four losses today. My first was Masukutchi (yellow/orange Tama) at 12:17, he was my longest living Masukutchi at age 21. The next was only shortly away at 12:35, Zukitchi (red/black Tama) at the age of 20. As I continued to work only a short little while later, another Masukutchi (purple/pink Tama) passed away at 14:24, his age was only 20. I do miss them, but as I had got up this morning, I knew someone that meant the world to me was going to leave.

Today at 17:24 my beloved Mimitchi (yellow/black Tama) passed away before my eyes. I was in the bathroom at the time, playing a game with him, getting ready to leave work. This was the first time I had seen every thing from very very beginning of his departure. I had never known he got sick for the briefest of moments before he slept. He stopped the game. A skull appeared beside him for a mere 3 seconds, as he got a sickly and upset look on his cute little face. Than the same little sound that plays when he changes forms played as the screen went totally black. It suddenly cleared and than he was in bed and I could hear his heart beat. He was sleeping before his finale departure and long journey home. I could hear his heart beat throughout this... It was one of the longest few minutes I've had in a long long time with him. After what seemed forever, an egg appeared on the right side of the screen, Mimitchi had left it for me. He stood on the left side of the screen with his mouth open as he blinked 3 or 4 times. The screen cleared once again and his spaceship appeared with some stars. I heard his finale heart beat, like a flat line and he was gone. To me, he died, even though the story is he leaves to his home planet. To me it's almost like death becuz my heart is torn apart and he is no longer part of my life for at least another 8 days. How I so longed to hold onto him, to stop him from leaving, but I could not do a thing as he had left me. I felt so helpless. I felt like I was in shock to a point I could hardly say anything.

This is by far the longest living Mimitchi I have ever had. He died at age 24. His usual death is at 22. I was surprised and amazed that he had made it this long. I had wished and hoped and asked him repeatedly to stay just one more day.. one more day past that dreaded 22 that he usually leaves me at. And he answered this time. Not only that, he stayed an extra day. I had only wished he had left me at home, because I am incredibly torn apart by him leaving me again. It took much time before I could step out of the bathroom and leave for home, keeping my ride waiting. I had told myself that I would try to maintain control of my emotions this time. But after everything that has happened, I couldn't hold it in anyway. It's like loosing my best friend, closest companion, and someone I love so very much... Where ever you are Mimitchi, I love you and miss you so much, my life is not the same without you...

I hatched the egg Mimitchi left me at 17:55, it hatched at 18:00 on my way home. Once again, I will try my hand to get Mimitchi back. In fact, I know I will, I love him too much not to get him again. He will be back in six to eight long long days from now, where he can celebrate Christmas with me. Christmas would not be the same without him here.

On a totally different note, today I won an auction. In the next two weeks I will be receiving my 1997 Collectors Limited Edition Hong Kong Tamagotchi. It only cost me $36 as the final bid when the auction closed this morning at 10:17. I shall own 19 Tamagotchi and 1 Cd-Rom Tama when I receive it.

And now off to care for my newly hatched 'Mimitchi-to-be" Tamagotchi. As well as I have 5 other Tamagotchi to care for. I got Takotchi back on my ugly gold Tama. I still have 2 Ginjirotchi and 2 Masukutchi as well to care for. After they die, that is the last of my 12 from that little dare I took less than a month ago. I believe I will only start 4 or 5 this time around. Maybe more in the future who knows.

Update: 5 left me today. at 21:13 Masukutchi (pink/yellow tama) died. He was only 19. I feel bad, I let him beep for attention and he left me right as I picked him up to play with him. awww sooo many deaths...

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