Tamagotchi Log 3/27/98

3/27/98: Well, not a lot, yet on the other hand, a lot has happened in the last week. It's been hard to get to logs. If you've looked at my site you know that I've been incredibly busy. I finally have my Tama horoscopes page up among a few other things. That page requires constant maintenance, but as soon as things get on a normal schedule, I'll be back to more frequent logs.

As of last log, not a whole lot has changed, believe it or not. First off, my current tamas:

After Masukutchi died, I started him again the next morning and again, I got Masukutchi, as I wanted and expected.. I really want the Japanese secret character. He is 8 today and called for his last discipline tonight, I expect him to get sick and... maybe... change?!

I have a cute little Mimitchi today at age 13, he got sick at age 11 but has remained a healthy little tama since.

Now... I know this is weird.. but I have 41 year old twin angels on Tamagotchi angel. They are really hard to care for, and on the verge of being irritating. I'd say Iíve paused about two days worth, so they are really 39.. but for some reason they havenít died. I wish I had not paused them in the first place, then I'd know for sure. Either way I donít want to get them again...

But I also have a very true to his age Metal GreyMon. He will be 56 years old tomorrow! He's old and crusty and needs lots of attention, always loosing hearts on hunger other then strength, I only train him to keep the weight down to his minimum, 40 lbs. Otherwise he's not really that bad..

Two days ago I got my Morino Tamagotch in the mail from Jason, the forest Tama that is. It's really nice looking, I love the background and how it looks. I hatched it to look at it and play a little with it, sadly I stuck the tab back in because I know with angel and Digi I'd neglect the Morino tama really bad. When I start it, you'll know.. I'll start a page on it! ;) I also just ordered an Umi No Tamagotch from Jason, so _hopefully_ I will get that in the next weeks to come!

Being that I have gotten both the calendar and this Tama in the mail in less then a week... It's come to prove that my Angelgotch, Mesutchi and Osutchi are somewhere out there, lost in the mail. Jason said he'd work on tracking it down, for he paid insurance. To say Iím saddened and a bit upset about it is an understatement. He has a lot of my money, I paid too much, and I don't have what I paid for.. and I really really wanted my Osutchi and Mesutchi so very badly. I've been waiting for 2 months almost now. I've had package lost in mail once for 2 months.. but never longer then that...I'm really hoping they show up very soon.

Being that this coming week I have a friend coming in from CA as well as lots of personal business to take care of.. including a dreaded doctor appointment, I won't be writing lots of logs next week. But I may get a few out, I'll get to things for sure, just need time. It's not so easy to juggle my computer tech job, my life (whatever it is I have), my Tamaís lives (they have more then me) and my online life and webpage work. But I promise to write about everything that happens that week, it will be an exciting one I believe, plus I think... think.. that someone will be departing soon.. and I hope it's not anyone else but Angel ;)

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