Tamagotchi Log 3/19/98

3/19/98: Welp today things have happened finally. Heh, tho if you guess ahead of time I'm sure yer guess would be wrong. Still with me today is Angel at age 33 years. I think with pausing it is 31. Iím sure its not more then 2 days. I donít pause it at all anymore.

Also with me with DigiMon, Metal GreyMon at age 47 years old today. Went to bed so he'll live to be 48 at least. I hope he doesn't die in his sleep.. that'd be horrible.

When I got home, early, I found my cd-rom care center had raised a Mimitchi. I say this cuz I hardly gave any care, wondering how the care center does alone.. I guess it does pretty well ;)

Than at about 446pm I looked at my Japanese Tamagotch, which I mistakenly left the sound off on..to see a spirit and a gravestone. So he had died and I didnít even know it cuz I had accidentally left the sound off :/ Poor guy was 18 years. I'll rehatch that Tama again to try for secret character again...

While on a better note my sweet Mimitchi returned to me at about 520pm. I was very happy to see him. I think I got lucky to get him. Last night he got sick before bed. He had only been 75% disciplined. I freaked out.. was sure I wouldn't get him, but went along with it anyways. I disciplined him early this morning and wasn't sure if it'd do anything or not, or if I was too late. But really wanted him back, and when he finally changed... well.. I'm very happy :)

Unfortunately I have been working on work I brought home for the better part of the evening and now I am going to do more on my page. I have a rather fun and exciting page I am working on that I think ppl will enjoy if I pull it off. :) Also more pictures will be coming because I got myself a camera. :)

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