Tamagotchi Log 3/17/98

3/17/98: Well in celebration of St. Pattyís day.. A Tamagotchi died hehe. Zatchi departed from my life this evening at 604pm. He would have lived longer, I think, if he had been cared for a little better. But since Iíve been preoccupied with certain tamas.. it's been hard.

Yup believe it or not no one else besides Zatchi has died in that needy bunch. Angel twins will be 32 tomorrow, tho I think by pausing they will be just 30. DigiMon will be 46 :P My Mimitchi darling should return by Friday.. cant wait.. I miss him soooooo much!

Oh yeah my Cd-Rom is 5, so it shall change in the next couple of days. I havenít paid a ton of attn to it for obvious reasons.. I have no clue whom I'll get. I hope it's someone I havenít had though.

Sorry for the obvious shortness of the logs lately. As you can see if you've been to my main page that I have been working at adding things to my page. I have a long project I am about to start as soon as I finish another thing hehe. Plus it's hard to write about work and needy Tamaís hehe.. especially when I have to quit typing a lot to take care of them.. I love them.. but I wish Angelgotchi were not so needy. Digi is okay to care for at this age :) I shall have more in the future, and more for my pics page soon too. :)

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