Tamagotchi Log 3/14/98

3/14/98: Well, when I got home and turned on my computer I saw Nyorotchi on the screen as the ship lowered and beamed him up, leaving an angel in his place. He was 13 year's old, ironically today is Friday the 13th. He also left me the following post card:

Hi. I know I was always hungry, so thanks for feeding me. I'll miss Earth food, but I've taken some along for the trip home. Let's see, I've got pizza, tacos, more pizza, more tacos. That ought to do it.

I didn't have as much time with him this time around so he left one day earlier then my first Nyorotchi did.

Caretaking wise I am virtually exhausted. I havenít typed out many logs because not allot has happened. I can't hatch anymore, cept on CD-Rom because I can't imagine handling anymore. As I type two Tamaís of the 5 beeped just now... Mimitchi and the twins. You know I'm having a hard time if Mimitchi beeped, I never let my sweetie beep, even at his age of 22.

My Futagotenshi is 27 years old today, I'd say with pausing time they'd be no younger then 26. I've tried to keep them awake at all times. I've taken care of 12 Tamagotchi at once.. even they didn't exhaust me as much as the current group of 5. My twins are the main source of the problem. They seriously and literally don't sit alone for longer then 5 minutes without needing _something_. They either take a walk, need praised and poop, or they beep because the hearts are empty yet again. I can't go five minutes without caring for them. You can imagine this makes working everyday a hard thing. They have been this way for a good week.

Now not only are they that demanding.. on top of that.. I have a 22 year old sweet Mimitchi, My little Mimitchi and he's gonna pass away again very shortly. I'd say tomorrow or even tonight. It passed so fast, we hardly even had time. A lot of that had to do with the fact of the group that I currently have. I really didn't expect to still have Tamagotchi Angel around, especially at this age.

Over the past couple of days Zatchi has become needy. At age 23 he is needy to me because of how much care everyone else requires. He isn't nearly as demanding as Angel.. but he's getting there and I don't expect him to depart for a couple of days at the very least.. and I really don't want him to.

Now.. Masukutchi got sick the other night and still hasn't changed. I tried my best to care for him, but work has been busy.. and considering current tama needy level.. he just didn't change into the Japanese secret character, so I'll have to wait till next time I guess.. I'm kinda disappointed.. but you see I expected Digi and Angel to be gone well before Masukutchi was even hatched...

Soo... That tells you that yes.. indeed DigiMon.. My Metal GreyMon is still alive and doing quite well. He is at the grand age of 41 tonight. He goes to bed in 18 minutes to be 42 tomorrow. I had no idea he'd last this long. I really expected him gone around his 20's like most Tama's. Instead he seems to be going on and happy with himself. I do fight him against another DigiMon, another GreyMon in fact a few times a day, my friends GreyMon. He seems, or at least I think, to be losing more. Right before my first GreyMon left he started losing battles a lot more then normal. Metal GreyMon's win percentage is at 47%. He used to be my losing Tama for so long, so he's worked that percentage up since 32% very slowly.

I hatched another Tama on CD-Rom tonight at 10:03pm. It is second generation.. soo.. Aside from being unsure of what I want.. anything but what Iíve gotten would be nice ;)

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