Tamagotchi Log 3/9/98

3/9/98: Well.. I've been busy with work as you can imagine. Also with making more to my web page. Notice I now have an #Tamagotchi on DALnet page. I'm hoping to meet more fans online via IRC. :) I've also been trying to get involved with a channel I refer to as home online or used to be, #alt-mmpr. So Iíve been kinda busy.

Not to mention really busy with Tama's. I forgot to mention that my CD-Rom became Nyorotchi.. unfortunately.. cuz I wanted Tarakotchi. Anyway, he is doing well. Don't have as much time for cd-rom simply because it is attached to my computer ;)

Mimitchi is doing well. My sweetie is 18 years today.. he got sick so he'll be leaving me in about 5 days or so. Sigh.. I always hate it when he leaves me all alone without him.. I need him always in my life.. gotta find a way to hack my tama so Mimitchi will stay forever :)

Than of course... Angelgotchi.. Futagotenshi...my twins... ugh. they are horribly needy at age 23.. 24 tomorrow.. I can only write this log after they are in bed of course. They don't go 10 mins without beeping at me for SOMETHING... really hard to take care of them.. I'm finding myself pausing them at times during work.. I hate pausing.. but sometimes I can't help it.

Zatchi is also doing well at age 19, he's showing his age a _little_ bit.. but not that much. Fairly easy to care for and love.. he's sooo sweet, I'm happy I got him back :)

Yesterday morning I was laying in bed next to my Tamaís, trying to sleep still, and I heard that shimmery sound. I picked up my Japanese tama and found he changed into Masukutchi, the character I wanted :) Next... secret character :)

Now you might ask again... what about that DigiMon you hatched on January 30th? What about him indeed!? Oh my.. he will be 38 years old tomorrow. My Digi doesn't really pause, and believe me. He is hard to take care of right now. Not nearly as bad as Angelgotchi tho, but still pretty bad. He beeps for food every 10 to 15 mins and his weight gets up there pretty fast. Since he never loses strength hearts I have to keep playing with him to keep down his weight. He has been fighting with my friends DigiMons now and again, I dunno if that helps, but he has only lost 2 times to anybody since he became metal GreyMon and that was within the last few days.. wonder if that means he's gonna leave soon? He's really hard to care for. If I take a shower between 8am and 9pm I take him in with me. Since he needs almost constant care, I donít like letting them beep before giving attn, I have no other choice. I take him in the shower in a Ziploc bag. He sits on a table near the shower and ever few mins I pick him up and care for him.. the Ziploc makes it so I can push the buttons and not worry about water getting on him. My family thinks I'm weird.. I just love my Tamaís tho.. so it don't hurt me at all to care for him like that.. just makes my showers longer then normal tho heheh. ;)

Well I gotta depart.. still working on another page for this site. Plus I do intend on making a change in these logs and the page that leads you to them. The list got longer then I thought so I'm gonna change things a little to make loading easier. But that change prolly won't be installed until next weekend, when I have some time off. :)

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