Tamagotchi Log 3/7/98

3/7/98: It's been a while since I've typed a log. First week of work is the worst week. I hardly have time for anything and by the time I have time to myself Iím so tired I can't do anything with my eyes open ;) I spent a lot of the day working on my pages though, up dating small things that no one will prolly notice, cept links wise ;) plus Iím working on another Tamagotchi page that I have yet to finish.

First off it's been so hard to write this lately because of work. But.. Tamagotchi Angel at age 15 left me tonight. It's prolly because of lack of attention because Iíve been so busy taking care of my 21 year old twins and 35 year old Digi. Next time I need to time it so I have less demanding and needy Tamaís at the same time, cuz this has been hard. My 21 yr old Futagotenshi has been really bad, worse then Digi at age 36 tomorrow! TA is hard to care for at this age...

My Japanese Tamagotchi will change into it's finale character tomorrow.. now I'm hoping I did what I needed to get the average character, Masukutchi, because thatís whom I was going for, but since things have been so hectic with TA and Digi I hope I got it right, but I'm not sure about it.

I gotta make this log short.. Iím having person things going on that I have to attend to. Thank goodness I have Mimitchi to help me through...

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