Tamagotchi Log 3/3/98

3/3/98: Well back into a work week, and my cold has yet to leave me.. at least my Tama's can't catch it. It' kinda lingering... kinda like a certain DigiMon of mine...

Speaking of which he is all of 31 years old today... loves attention, lots of food, and has a tendency to get over weight very easily because of his diet of 4 meals every 10 minutes, while his strength remains full almost all the time. Of course I can't time the strength hearts.. I never see them empty even after 30 mins of only feeding (only at work do I not always have time to play) But then I'd never know when they drop because I'm always playing with him to keep his weight down to 40, his max as a Metal GreyMon. Oops he just beeped and pooped hehe. I wonder just how long he will plan to stick around? This morning I accidentally slept in and he was alone beeping for 15 mins while I slept. I was tired, he was sitting right next to me and I didn't hear his cries for food. But he waited patiently for me to awake and care for him... :)

Yesterday I got a package in the mail from Jason! Sadly it was not the one I was expecting. Where is my Osutchi & Mesutchi/Angelgotch? I have no clue.. but it has not come after being mailed at the beginning of February. Makes ya wonder don't it? I am not a happy camper right now. The order I got was an order I placed only 3 weeks ago and he mailed it and I got it in a total of 7 days after mailing. Now were is my other package that I paid way too much for? ::sigh:: Anyways the package I got was my original 1996 Tamagotch with a blue holder and my calendar! Oops Digi just beeped again... The Tama I got is all white with black buttons. I just LOVE Japanese packaging! It's so very cute.. I love the little drawings. The calendar was definitely worth the money! Soooo cute. I'll try to scan it this week and put it on my images page. Those images are just soo cute. Soo many of Mimitchi too... He's just so adorable! I hung it in my office at work so I could see it all day while I worked. Plus there isn't really a spot for it here at home where I'd see it a lot. It came with soo many cute stickers, as did the holder.. I could just look at those forever.. soo beyond cute! I just wish I could go to Japan and get all the stuff I want instead of paying almost double to get it online. Sad thing is.. Jason is the cheapest online.. and I know he makes at least double profit. 28 dollars for a Tamagotchi? I don't think so. Thatís almost double retail price. But ya know I pay it cuz I know I have no other source. He really is the cheapest and the best online. Man, I've seen places selling Osutchi and Mesutchi for 90 dollars! I've seen ppl asking 80 dollars for just the 1997 Hong Kong Special Edition Tama! And even for just regular Tamagotchi I've seen ppl asking 40 dollars each, and this is for US versions! Jason is definitely the best. Even if his prices arenít the best.. he is definitely the best online if you don't have a source in Japan. Lucky man, can get anything he wants and prolly doesn't even like Tama's?! Oh well got off topic...

Last night my friend LeAnne wanted me to start my new Japanese Tama.. well... I made a joke telling her she has to start up 5 others for a total of 6, so she has as many going as I do.. she did it, so I started my sixth one last night, my first hatching of a Japanese Gen1 Tamagotchi.. he hatched at 1059pm. I'm going for Masukutchi.. I want the secret character :)

Sadly my Tamatchi CD-Rom left me today. I made a stupid mistake and forgot to put him in the care center last night before bed. Since I was late to work I didn't get a chance to turn on my computer :( He left a nice postcard though..:

"Hi. Some people think that because I'm yellow, I'm a 'fraidy cat. Well, I'm not! I'm very brave! All by myself, I traveled all the way back here to Planet Tamagotchi! Of course, I carried my blanket with me..."

On that note I decided to hatch another and got gen1 again. So maybe this time I'll remember my brain and not forget the care center either while I'm at work...

My Futagotenshi is 11 and 17 years. The 17 year old is really needy.. very hard to care for with DigiMon going at age 31. Both Angel's are kinda needy.. they get sooo needy early. That's kinda irritating. While I have Zatchi today whom is just so young and has many years ahead of him.. What a sweetie, he hardly ever needs anything ever.. it's so very nice to have him back :) Than of course Mimitchi always makes me happy.. gotta love Mimitchi! Who can't love that sweet darling of a tama? :)

Well I'm off to doe some updating of my pages, maybe a redoing of my Mimitchi page.. I got too many logs.. had no idea I'd get so many! ;)

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