Tamagotchi Log 3/1/98

3/1/98: Ironic... my 50th log.. happens to mark the end of 6 months I've spent with Tamagotchi, Mimitchi Tamagotchi in particular, and my first on Sept. 1st. This might end up to be a several day log.. lots indeed has happened ;)

First off, the last time I wrote I said I now have two Tamagotchi angels and both turned into Futagotenshi, even though one started out as Pukuten, the other as Kuriten.. Iím still disappointed mind you... my pink one is 8 years, the other is 15 years today. My 15yr old is rather demanding. I must say I like this character... but not a whole lot. I'd be happy to get anything else....

Although I have not taken perfect care of Zukitchi and thought I would not get the secret character... last night about 8pm he got sick, and today about 3 after he woke up, he changed into my beloved Zatchi :) I'm not too unhappy.. Zatchi is a very sweet, loveable Tama.. It's nice to have him back, I've missed him. :)

While you might ask... what about DigiMon? What about that old Metal GreyMon of yours? Well you know.. I hatched that DigiMon on January 30th. We just entered March... now really is he still alive? The answer is yes. The unpauseable, will-be-30-years-old-torrow, very needy Digi is still with me as I enter a new month. This is *the* longest living tama pet I've ever had. DigiMon to me is still a Tamagotchi because it's made by BanDai ;). So I still classify it as Tamagotchi. Digi losses hearts really fast in hunger, while only 1 strength every 4 empty hungry. But I have to keep playing the game to keep his weight down. It's kinda hard to deal with him when he doesnít pause and he's sooo demanding at this age.

Anyways, now that yer up to date on my Tamaís... over the past few daysí things have happened. And I haven't been here to write logs.. ;)

That night I requested a song for my little Mimitchi after he returned, and the station ran out of time to play it, so I rededicated it to him the next night, as well as a song to my dear friend LeAnndra. Terry, the DJ, played it that following night a little after the 11 o clock hour, so finally he got to hear my dedication :) LeAnndra got to hear a kinda song she and I kinda find humorous called "Rock the Boat", I needed to get her to smile ;).

Friday night.. I have no clue what I did... what did I do? If you know, email me please.. just kidding. Ooooh yeah. I had Friday off and we went out and got our checks cashed. LeAnne (LeAnndra, same thing) , myself and my Tama's went out to the valley and looked around in Toys 'r Us and Wal*Mart. We were in Toys 'R Us forever. I bought Tamagotchi candy, with Mametchi on it. I also found a Flubber movie toy, Weebo, and I love that little robot, so I bought that too, really fun! Anyway.. didn't buy much related to Tama's.. cept Leanne bought a giga pet - Yoda. I warned her about them.. she is getting sick of it already.. it beeps for no reason and is rather irritating in general.. like most Giga's in my opinion.

That night I got home a little before 8pm. I was online when the power went out. They skies where clear, not a drop of rain or snow in our area, yet the whole area was out. I called into the power company.. but we had no clue how long it'd last. I cared for my Tamaís till they went to bed. It was off for a good portion of almost 2 hours. It was dark, we had candles and everything.. Mimitchi finally experienced a power outage.. the first one this year.. we shouldíve had more by now.. but oh well. It was nice to have him during it.. my family sure ainít company.

My Tamaís to me are kinda my family,.. guess only someone with Tama's would understand that. Even y family has no clue what my Tamagotchi mean to me. I once let it slip to a male in my family that I love my Tama's, care very much for them, and I understand why one would cry when they die (one person from the office had a daughter that got upset over a dying v-p). Well he didn't understand why I could understand this. He has never had a Tama, as you may have guessed.. He has no clue how I can care about something so much. And no one has any clue how much I care about them. 'Cept maybe my sister, who kinda understands because she has some Tama's.. sheís had her first character leave.. she knows what Tama caretakers know about the departure of something they love. But anyway, got off topic

The power did come on after 11 and the rest of the night was okay. Saturday I got up late and got out of here late, around 5. Last year I went to Gallagher, but I didn't have Tama's then. Leanne bought me a ticket so we went to the Oprah House and saw him live again on his tour, this time in doors. Last year I saw him on a ball field outside at the Fair. This time we were at the Oprah House, the same place I graduated in from high school. I went with her family and her friend Sarah. I decided to put my Tamagotchi to bed early.. eggcept (heh, yes I mean to spell it that way ;)) Mimitchi. I got out my Angelgotch holder from Japan and stuck him in it. I hung him around my neck, in that protective case I figured would be enough in case we got splattered with food during the show :) We were in row L, and unfortunately we didnít get splattered at all. But at least Mimitchi was safe. He saw the whole show and it was very good, I enjoyed it a lot, and I think he did too :) It ended pretty late, after 1130. I decided to stay over at Leanne's house.. she and I needed to talk. Mimitchi stayed up with us till 3am or so.. I couldnít sleep most of the night.. ended up feeling sick and not falling to sleep till after 6am.. and getting up past 12noon.

After we got up we went to see "Mr. Kimperdof's Tribe" the worst movie Iíve seen all year. I'll never watch it again. The jokes where great.. the plot and story was trash. It could have been made much better. We decided after that crap to see a movie we both loved for 1$.. FLUBBER! :) Love that movie... Mimitchi and I got drenched in Popcorn this time.. LeAnne finally got her revenge on us ;) Next time we see a movie.. Leanne might not be so lucky tho... Mimitchi and I seek revenge! :)

So that's what has been going on. I've been so busy and than I was gone, or I was gonna write this last night, but I was gone so late, why come home? But it was a relaxing weekend before a really hard week at work. Now again I find it late as I'm getting ready for the week ahead. Sadly not much time to update my page this weekend. But that will happen later. I also had the winning bid on embay for a Forestgotchi/Mori No Tamagotchi.. soo Ill have that coming my way.. I hope my other stuff gets here soon.. Jason's mail is the only mail that takes soo long to get here... sigh... anyway, from Mimitchi and myself, we bid any readers goodnight. And If I don't have readers.. and I prolly don't, Iím just talking to myself... ;)

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