Tamagotchi Log 12/15/97

12/15/97: Last night was quite the surprise. Mimitchi went to bed. For the first time since I have ever had Mimitchi he went to bed with me on his 22 day! I had many dreams about him leaving last night, either during the night or right when he awoke today so I slept horribly. I ended up getting up at 07:45, even though I don't have work today. He did not leave me as soon as he awoke. In fact its 13:12 right now and he is still with me. He is 23 today. I did not age him at all. He finally made it. I so wished for one more day and I finally got my wish. Makes me wonder exactly how long he is going to stay with me. For once since I ever got him I don't know when he will leave. He is demanding, but no matter. It's nice to still have him in my life. :) If my dreams could only come true, I'd forever have you, Mimitchi..

At 21:55 Ginjirotchi (green/yellow tama) left me. He died at age 20. I worked so hard to get him back. I have 2 others. He has been one of the hardest characters for me to get all along. I am glad I have 2 of his brothers as well, or this might have been a bad one for me... :(

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