Tamagotchi Log 2/25/98

2/25/98: Well I gotta make this short, I am going to work tomorrow and it's late. But today started out pretty cool. I got Mimitchi back!! My sweet Mimitchi back at 346pm today! God I love him and miss him soo much! I re-requested that same song for him on the radio, so he can be here when it plays :) I'm waiting for that now.

I worked on my page all day long, the general information section. I finally got that completed! Do go if you have a chance!

So I finally got Pukuten on my TA, the middle character. When I got him I started treated him really good, hoping to get the secret character.. well I got *a* secret character alright! Ugh.. he changed into the Futagotenshi! I got them twins on *two* TA's at the same time right now! I kinda figured he would change into the secret character that is next to him on the chart.. I had noo clue that perfect care would make him change into the best secret character. Call me sad... call me disappointed... but I was looking forward to.. *sniff* the sparkling poo. In fact I was looking forward to _anything_ but them twins.
Just when I _thought_ I had escaped those little twins... Okay, they are cute.. but this is my third time... :P

On another topic... DigiMon is going to be 26 tomorrow!! he is soooooooooooooo demanding! He beeps at me constantly for food! For every 4 meals he has he wants to play so I really have to play with him a lot to keep his weight down. I wonder when this little guy is gonna pass away... man hes old, for real 26... I know someone who had a 39 year old Digi... I DONT want to think about it!! hehee :)

I was disappointed when I got Zukitchi today instead of Hashizotchi... one day.. ill get that guy!

My Kuchipatchi died tonight on CD-Rom. He was only 12.. he left this note:

Hello. Um, some people say I'm slow. And I am. I move slowly. but I wrote you this postcard in a hurry because I wanted to thank you for everything. Sometimes when people are slow, they're just taking their time. But I really wouldn't know.

Goodbye my sweet and very first Kuchipatchi! He was a sweetie! Not to mention being soo cute!!! :) I'll miss that little guy. :)

Well Mimitchi and I are outta here in hopes of hearing our song on the radio! I'm rather so happy. Oh yeah really quick, my friend in California had his friend Pat pick up a Gen1 Japanese Tamagotchi for me when he was in Japan! Sooo cool! :)

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