Tamagotchi Log 2/23/98

2/23/98: Last time I wrote I forgot to write I had hatched another Tama Angel. This time my pink one. I wanted anything but the best. As I was about to write this log he changed already to his adult stage. First he was the unhealthy young adult character, Takoten. Now he just changed into Pukuten at age 3. This is the middle character, and also the one that changes into 2 possible secret characters.. the finale one being the lucky sparkling poo. Which Id love to get!

I've remained sick over the past week now, so I'm not even going back to work tomorrow, I went in for half a day today. So I've just been home lots caring for my little friends. They keep me company when no one wants to be around me to catch my sickness. It's good that they can't catch it, or they would’ve by now.

Mimitchi to be (yellow/black) Is Tongaritchi and 50% disciplined.. I patiently await his change. While little Digi Metal GreyMon is 23 years old today, he's getting a *little* on the demanding side, but not much. Loosing 4 hungry hearts verses 1 unhappy.. err strength.

My other Angelgotchi did change into the twins, Futagotenshi, at age 7, two days ago. They are 9 today.. I wonder how long I'll have them this time around?

While I am awaiting the finale change of my white with swirls tama, to change. He got legs.. I have NO clue how.. he was supposed to be the beak.. I have the hardest time getting the worst characters. Oh well, I'm hoping I'll get Hashizotchi, but with my luck I doubt it!

My logs have remained very short and un-detailed lately, not to mention several days in between because I have been working on other parts of my site. I am hoping for at least 2 new Tama pages within this month. It depends how much time I get to complete them, I'll be back at work full time again shortly.

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