Tamagotchi Log 2/19/98

2/19/98: It's been a few days since I've written a log due to the fact that I've been sick. I took today off from work, while I chose to work yesterday. Anyway..

Yesterday morning my angel changed right as I got up to Kuriten.. again. I like the Chestnut angel, but I think its _way_ to easy to get that character. Next time I will experiment with a better method of getting something less. She might become the twins again, I wouldn't mind, they are kinda sweet. Though Kuriten is cuter in some ways.

Yesterday also my cd-rom changed into Tamatchi.. I really thought I'd get Kuchitamatchi, but I guess not, I can never really predict with cd-rom though. I hope to get anything, but what I've gotten before. Being 75% disciplined, I'm kinda hoping for Ginji or Kutchipatchi. But who knows what I'll get.

Mimitchi is at the ripe age of 24, he's very demanding, losing two hearts every 4 minutes. Poor sweetie is gonna leave me prolly today or tomorrow... I miss him so much when he's gone, I wish he'd stay longer without pausing..

Metal GreyMon Digi is 19 years today. He hasnít fought anyone for at least a week. He hasn't been losing hearts any faster than an 8 year old, even at this age I expected some demand level. No less heís showing no signs of age at all. I wonder how old he will grow to be... I just might hatch another Digi to battle him with in the next few days. I hesitate because I expect Mesutchi/Osutchi to be here anytime. I wonder if Digi needs to fight to remain alive for long periods of time..? He seems to be doing just fine though.

Also a day ago my beaked gen2 changed into Takotchi.. again I was a brick short of Hashizotchi because I forgot to pause him one morning and slept in late. I'm gonna keep trying darn it ;).

They always go with me everywhere, true. But lately I havenít gone too many places, cept the movies last weekend. Mostly I've just been working long hours. And now I just feel horrible so I'm just staying home trying to get well. I want to go back to work tomorrow, but I don't know if I will.. I'd rather though if I can make it.

I did, however, order an original Tamagotchi gen1 from Jason this week, mailed out my MO yesterday. I'm also getting a blue holder and the Tamagotchi calendar with it :) But it seems that mail is slow from him, so it will be a while before I get any of those items. No less that puts me up to 34 Tamaís. :)

Anyway, not a lot to say today because I need to go lay down, my head is spinning right now. I bid any readers (I have readers..?! I must not be feeling well... ;) ) farewell for a day or two.. hopefully not as long this time before my next log.

Update: Takotchi died tonight at only age 8, around 19:00. Poor guy never really had a chance... :/

Because of that, I decided to hatch yet another gen2 in my quest to get Hashizotchi. I'm hatching my pink and yellow swirls, white tama...

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