Tamagotchi Log 2/17/98

2/17/98: It's been longer than usual because I've had LeAnne over and havenít been here. Anyways, first off Friday morning I got Hashitamatchi! I am quite happy about it! That's one of the hardest characters for me to get. So maybe I'll get Hashizotchi? I hope so. But I guess I'll see, I forgot to pause him before bed last night and he was up at 9 and I didn't wake up until 1030 :P.

Digi is still very much alive at age 16. Funny, he's not demanding at all, very easy to care for. Very weird. I expected some demanding Digi around now. But than again my first GreyMon never got demanding before he departed either.. but than again, he was much younger...

Mimitchi, too is still alive and well at age 21. He is getting a bit demanding, but not too bad at all. Still sweet as ever.. :)

Saturday night we all went to see a movie, Flubber. We all rather enjoyed it. Pretty cute movie, especially loved the little robot in it :). Popcorn fights was among the evening. LeAnne accidentally spilt soda on my Tama's tho, poor things, but they survived, Mimitchi and Angel got it, not to mention all over me ;). LeAnne kept flicking popcorn at Mimitchi tho... hehe... I ended up dumping the rest of the bucket over her head though.. :)

It's been a weekend where it's easier to be there than to read about it. Cuz really we had fun. Last night was sad though, Sunday. I was putting DigiMon and Angel to bed. Well I put Digi to bed first, and I guess that minute mattered to the angel's with the light on. I turned off the light and suddenly the screen went into the changing pattern <<>> and than it went black. It cleared and my twins where standing there looking REALLY peeved at me, like after they take a stroll. They beeped at me, the attention icon light up briefly. Than it unlit. The screen went black again. Than it split into thirds.. the middle third was cleared, a little star was seen rising from the bottom of the screen, rising up to the top. The angel's left to their celestial home. The screen changed one last time into a screen of sparkling stars. That was it, a very fast departure, all of that took all of prolly 45 seconds... So there was my first Angel.. only gone at age 16. I don't consider myself the best caretaker, but I thought I would at least get them past 16.. wonder why they left so early? Iím guessing it had to do with me not turning off the lights as fast if I had turned off their lights first instead of Digi.. they seem to sensitive to light/darkness.
Since then I started another angel last night, my green one.. actually it looks like yellow. I hatched it last night, Iím kinda hoping for a different than the best character. It seems REALLY easy to get the best character. Sooo.. I guess I gotta try to be a bad caretaker.... I also just hatched my Cd-Rom again.. I figured why not. I got a gen1 this time. I'm going for anything besides what I've had before, anything besides Mametchi and Masukutchi basically. Off to continue building another part of this site...

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