Tamagotchi Log 2/12/98

2/12/98: Well... over the last two days I have lost two Tama's. The first didnít mean as much to me though. Zukitchi died right as I turned on my computer, about 19:07 yesterday. Poor guy was only 15 years. Here is what he left me:

Hi, You know why I wear a mask? To protect my secret identity. Someday, I will become a super hero, dedicated to making the world a safe, crime-free, all-around cool place! Or at least that's what I like to imagine. Keep on imagining!

On a much sadder note, today LeAnne dropped me off at home and as I was about to get out of the car... Zatchi began beeping. :~( he died at age 27, for real 27... Very old, lots of time together, I will miss him a lot. He is a very sweet and loving Tama. I miss him sooo much already. He is definitely my second favorite Gen2 character. Maybe I'll get him again...gone too soon...

Also Mimitchi is getting rather demanding at age 17.. my sweetie will be leaving again soon... this time went rather fast... Futagotenshi is doing well, not really demanding at all, of course she is only 11. And Metal GreyMon isnít demanding at all either and he is only 12. I just hatched another Tama, my kinda Christmas colors Tama... I hope to get the best of the worst characters on it. I have no clue though.. we'll see. Maybe one day my other Japanese Tama's will come... Havenít got a lot to talk about tonight, cept I get a long weekend off. Kinda miserable.. I miss Zatchi! :~(

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