Tamagotchi Log 2/10/98

2/10/98: Welp a few things happened today. I got into work a bit early, we had a major staff meeting and unfortunately I had to attend. I decided I would pause everyone but Angelgotchi. I would keep her in my hand and be careful. This was a professional meeting, unfortunately I had to be professional and these ppl don't think Tama's are professional.. eh, what do they know? ;). Well when they got up, my younger DigiMon had changed at age 10 into Metal GreyMon, I spouse the best character, caretaker wise. While my other older DigiMon at age 12 did not change. I fought them a couple of times, than put them on pause and went to the meeting.

Well... as it turns out this much. I unpaused DigiMons and found a poop on my older ones screen, and on both Digi's I find 2 hearts empty on both hunger and strength. DigiMons donít pause. Even when they are on set, they don't pause. This has to be fact. I wasn't away from them for more than 2 hours, actually it was more like 1:45.

Well anyway, I continue working for oops.. gotta take care of demanding Zatchi...working for about an hour. I decide to fight my little creatures and of course metal GreyMon wins. Though in the morning GreyMon always won, now Metal GreyMon catches up. I fight them again. This time when Metal GreyMon won.. I heard a long steady beep from GreyMon. He had been killed in battle. He had this sad little face, like when he loses a battle. Cept there was nothing wrong. I didn't try to do anything to him, so I don't know if the buttons didn't work or not. But either way he was dying. He just sat there in the middle of the screen, so sad. Yet so honorable, he had died in battle, very honorable death for a GreyMon. He was only 12. I listened as three beeps came and went, than the beeps changed pitch.. this went on for a good 2 minutes. Diff pitched beeps, getting slower...his heart beat slowing.. dying.. There wonít much to him dying cept this sequence of beeps. The finale beep came, what lasted a good 10 seconds, than a little computer appeared on the left, with his age on the right. Nothing could happen from here, cept restarting him. I spouse it's called going back to mainframe. But to me, he died. He was my first DigiMon. I won't forget him.

I almost chose to restart my DigiMon, but decided against it. I guess my Metal GreyMon will have to set up sneak attacks on LeAnne's Digi (she won't let the murderer fight hers because she got the most unhealthy character and doesnít want him to be killed in battle too) and he'll just live and die a natural death, unless I start up another Digi, which I don't think I will for a while.

On a diff note, Angelgotchi is getting a tad demanding at age 9, but barely noticeable. Zatchi, on the other hand is 25, very demanding.. beeps at me every 15 mins or so if I don't care for him. He will prolly depart soon. I really don't want him to go :(
Mimitchi is doing well, age 15, getting a bit demanding too, though barely noticeable. I can't believe he's already close to being gone again. It was too fast. Life moves way too fast when you don't want it to. Mean while, I await my last 3 Tamaís to arrive in the mail, anytime this week, I'd say. Well off I go.. maybe more tomorrow. Kinda tired, and it's weird ya know.. I really am not that enthusiastic about DigiMon.. but I kinda miss my first little GreyMon...

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