Tamagotchi Log 2/8/98

2/8/98: Welp yesterday wasn't too exciting. Cept right before I left to hang at the mall with LeAnne my angel changed yet again into the secret character. It became Futagotenshi, the angel twins. I've heard stories about the demand level when they get older, but they are really cute and fun, so I like them. Anyway, we hung at the mall and decided to go to the Walk-Mart... which is way on the other side of town, a good 45 mins drive at least. Which is what I wanted. It was nice to take a long drive. My Tamaís got to see the sun fall and the gorgeous sky that came with it. This kinda experience is kinda hard to depict in a log. It was a had-to-be-there situation. But it was nice and relaxing. One thing that is relaxing is a long car ride with no destination. We found not much at Wal-mart, so we did just that. I met a friend I havenít seen in 3 years that now works at Wal-Mart.. We left soon after though, needed that long car ride. Talked, relaxed, and breathed in the night air, drove all over the richest side of Spokane. It was very enjoyable. Definitely had to be there situation. It was an evening to remember, lets just say. We didn't get back until 1:30 in the morning. No less bed soon followed. Mimitchi stayed up with me till bed though.. :)

Got up late today as you can imagine. We headed out, got lunch, hit the theatre for a movie, "Good Will Hunting", with Robin Williams. Very good show. I made sure Mimitchi and the Angel Twins could see, while the rest remained paused. I wanted Zatchi to see too, but he was so demanding at age 23.. it was just too hard to include him in this. But Mimitchi and Angel enjoyed it. LeAnne insisted on hitting us with popcorn.. I dumped half the bucket over her head... :) no less, we had popcorn coming out of our ears by the time we left ;) We left soon after and now I'm here, writing this log. DigiMons just went to bed, Twins prayed to me and I praised them about an hour ago, and Zatchi is demanding at his 23 years ;)

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