Tamagotchi Log 2/6/98

2/6/98: Today was kinda a sad day. About 3pm my 28 year old crusty of a Bill passed away. He was beeping at me every 14 minutes, so I kinda expected his departure soon. He was the longest living Tama I've ever had. He isn't my favorite, but he is cute, and I do like him. In fact I'm buying a cybie of him off eBay. He will be remembered always..

Not much has happened otherwise today. At least Tama wise. Angel asked to be praised 2 times, which brings up the "deeds" meter up to 75%. So far it has always changed at 75%, soo.. if she is gonna be the secret character, it will prolly be awfully soon. She went out for a walk today, out a little door. I have to praise her and tell her to come back. It responds to sound as well as tapping, which is kinda cool.

DigiMon's are kinda boring, fighting is kinda fun. Interestingly enough my younger GreyMon 9 out of 10 times beats my older GreyMon, wonder what that means.

While my secret character, Zatchi, he's living happily at age 21 today. He is doing quite well, very cute as always! This week isn't very eventful at all because of work. But tomorrow we'll all prolly go see a movie or something. Zatchi, unfortunately would have to be put on pause, he's getting a little demanding, not as much, but a little.. well maybe not though.. I guess I'll decide at the time. Mimitchi is doing well at age 11, so cute as always. He's seen so many movies with me, I hope we find a good one to see tomorrow. I always make sure they can see the screen when I do watch TV or see a movie with them. :) So not really an exciting week, but after work lightens a little I'll prolly have more time with them to do other things. Almost went to see a live band tonight, but LeAnne and I were both too exhausted to do it. Maybe another day...

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