Tamagotchi Log 2/5/98

2/5/98: Today was a goooood day! Well.. ok it wasn’t a good day, but than it was! First off.. when my Agumon awoke, he was GreyMon! Two GreyMon’s now.. ugh. Oh well. They aren’t demanding at all! Easy, very. Maybe they'll become a secret character?

Bill is 27... 27 years old! The oldest Tama I have had without pausing! Actually, I have paused him a few hours. So he might be 26 for real.. but it wasn’t really that many hours, so I am not so sure. No less he is very very demanding! Very hard to work when he beeps at me every 17 mins (yes I timed this :P). If I wasn't at work I wouldn’t let him beep at me.. but there I have no choice.

Zatchi, on the other hand, is only 20 and hardly demanding at all. He is doing great, only dropping about one heart every 20 mins or so. Not bad at all for that age. Plus his game is easier, so when he gets demanding it won't be as hard to get him happy, unlike Bill.

As for Angel, she is doing very well. Still a Kuriten btw. Not really demanding at all, considering she is only 4 years old, I don't expect it. Thought interesting enough she is more demanding at this age than a regular Tamagotchi would be, or so it seems to me. I am uncertain of that the deciding factor is that determines what character you get on Angelgotchi. I'll figure that out soon enough ;)

On a sadder note, today at 16:14 Tarakotchi passed away while I was working. He was only 9 years old. It's too bad that he can't live longer, I love him dearly.

On a very different note, when I got home I found my first of two packages from Jason had arrived! It was my Angelgotchi holder, and Japanese Tamagotchi Gen2. It is gorgeous! It is dark blue, black border, yellow buttons, and Mimitchi at the top in a space ship, with Tamagotch written below that, and a few stars on the egg. Very awesome. Everything is in Japanese on the packaging and even on the sticker on the back. I am tempted to hatch it just to look at the screens with Japanese writing. I have waited forever to get a Japanese Tama :) But I am not going to keep it going.. I have 6 going still. I don't want to hatch another till my more demanding character's leave me, specifically Bill and maybe my DigiMons and Zatchi. I'd rather have less hatched when I am doing a new one. I didn't expect to have this many going at once while I had my Angel.. oh well. Next package to come will be the Mesutchi and Osutchi with the real Japanese Angelgotchi! That will be here within this week sometime. After waiting soo long, its about time! :) btw the egg is different for the Japanese Gen2. It's much cooler actually. The checkered thing isn't really unique.. :P Wanna take a look at my Japanese tama? Go here to see the gorgeous thing in all its glory! :)

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