Tamagotchi Log 12/14/97

12/14/97: At 13:20 today Masukutchi (white/blue tama) passed away. He was very sad and hungry. While I was doing my best to keep him happy and full he was dropping hearts every few minutes. I feel bad for him because I wasn't able to give as good care as I wanted to be because I took on the task of caring for so many at once. Nonetheless he is my longest living Masukutchi. Only 20 I know. For some reason I love them and really do care for them as good as I do Mimitchi and they still leave early. I also don't usually pause them and that is part of it. So today I only have 11 to care for, plus my CD-Rom whom I hope to get Mimitchi on. :)

Today at 14:25 Pochitchi left me (clear white). I love Masukutchi. Pochitchi has never been a favorite though. I will miss him. I was nicer to him this time. We weren't much of friends the first time. As I look on my chart of Tama's I see many that have left, one that is alive still and then 2 that have left. Mimitchi will, no doubt, be the next to go. The question is when?... This week will surly be a week of death...

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