Tamagotchi Log 2/4/98

2/4/98: Well, my Angel Tama is only 3 years! and it already reached an adult form.. That was fast! Its the top character on the list of adults, called Kuriten. Really very cute I must say! I am rather enjoying my Angel Tama. I think it is by far as fun as my regular Tama's and much better then DigiMon. I guess from this stage it can become a secret character.. maybe twins. I really wanted the Ginji angel, but another time. But either way I find Tama Angel to be a refreshing and fun new Tama to play with. Donít get me wrong, the original Tamagotchi and gen2 really are the best and my favorite. Just now Tama Angel is also a fave of mine. Either way I'll see what happens with it now. Yesterday it was a Kodoten for only 24 hours.. what a fast change.. anyways...

Mimitchi Tamagotchi is doing quite well. He is 8 years, 30lbs, looking cute as ever.. and he just pooped! Sooooo cute! He'll always be my sweetie! :) Bill (clear blue) is rather demanding. He is now 26 years, tomorrow... 27!! He has only been paused for a few hours, so I'd say the age is accurate, minus a few hours. It was hard to work today with him unpaused. While Tarakotchi got sick again today and his finale discipline was given. He is a bit demanding, only 8 years old, poor thing is gonna leave me soon. If it weren't up to his programming when he had to leave... Zatchi is 19, he is doing well, not demanding at all.. soooo very cute still. Showing some sign of age, but not much! ;)

DigiMon wise.. my two little ones are doing fine. My younger one is 4, I expect a change sooon.. very soon in fact. Say tomorrow or overnight tonight. The older one is still a GreyMon and the younger one is still a stage away from adult. GreyMon whoops the pants off of the Agumon 9 out of 10 times. But of course, that's to be expected. Either way the fighting is kinda fun. The fact is that the characters have the same pattern as they walk across the screen (so far Iíve seen) for all the stages is kinda dumb. Part of why I love tama characters is that they are different in the way they move. Oh well, got a feeling I prolly won't enjoy DigiMon as much as my other Tamaís and angel Tama's. But I'm kinda enjoying it. It has its fun points. It's not very demanding at all! So that's good. Very easy to care for.

Oh yeah, my Cd-Rom, whom I had nooo idea what it would be, turned out to be the average caretakers pet, Zukitchi. He is *really* cute on CD-ROM! I love him, very cute, has the cutest little noises he makes! :) I hope I get secret character on cd-rom, but considering I am not home as much as I'd want to be.. I doubt it, but who knows with that program..

Anyways, work is work. The only exciting thing that goes on is my Tama's. Ainít got much else going on, cept hopefully an early bed tonight. Onto tomorrow life proceeds...

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