Tamagotchi Log 2/2/98

2/2/98: Today was fun. So was last night. Last night I kept my Mimitchi to be tama awake till I went to bed. I had figured he would change about 2am if I made it. Well I didn't mean to, but I made it up till than, and than some. I kept watch over little Tongaritchi. Promptly at 2am that familiar sound I heard.. and it seemed to be the longest change ever.. but he changed into my sweet little Mimitchi! :) I am soo happy to have him back! :) he is so very sweet and loveable! So at least I went to bed knowing he was back, even if it was at 230am and I had to be up at 7am ;)

Well... the anticipated moment came when LeAnne, dear friend of mine, walks in with my precious Angel Tamagotchi's. I got the two I wanted, pink and white. With my Japanese one (whenever it gets here) I'll have all the original 3 colors. They are gorgeous, very nice Tama's, love the wings on the shell! I started my white one up. This makes 7 Tama's that I have going, and with the busiest week of the month, thatís kinda hard. ;) Oh well, did it once before with 12..

Anyways I started it up. It started with the ship on the screen, the same ship from the gen2 Tamaís when they leave. It just sat there swaying back and forth. In 5 min's my angel arrived. It looked kinda like a ghost. I have no names for TA's yet, but I'm working on that. It did the same kinda pattern as a normal tama. One hour it changed into a little Marutchi with wings. I think its named Maruten not sure tho. It's really cute. I like the sounds of this thing. The speed of the clock coming onto the screen is awesome. I love that! The game is odd.. jumping over stars. Actually not odd.. but it takes practice. Lots of, mind you. It took a while, but I finally got a hang of it. I recall someone saying on the Tama list that the character moves closer to the right side of the screen as it gets older, making it harder. And candy, or treat doesnít make it happy either. No substitute for happiness... err.. whatever its called. I need to reread the instructions and play with it more. I was at work all day soo... ;) Oh well I sípose I'll talk more about it in a few days. I gotta play with it more, read the instructions. I kinda looked threw the instructions, but didnít really read it. I read mostly about the game. I also love that if I get 5 v 0 on the game that it fills 2 hearts. Funny thing is, it doesn't show the score in the end. it just brings up 4 little angel heads (like on the status) and than has the angel happy or sad.

Another thing is, I was hoping for a diff character, but again I got Tarakotchi.. How I love that guy, he is sooooooo sweet, even if he has smelly feet! ;) :) Well I gotta go, after no hours of sleep, Iím about to drop.

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