Tamagotchi Log 2/1/98

2/1/98: Welp, not too much has happened lately. Tonight my Tongaritchi got sick, he will be Mimitchi tomorrow or late tonight! I miss him sooo much!

While Bill is 23 years and he is getting a tad demanding. He prolly isn't really demanding, it just seems like it when I am working on my web page. Time goes by fast. Right after my Koromon, the 1 year old, went to bed he changed into Agumon. I got him up and fought him against my 3 year old Agumon. This is the weird part, I thought my caretaking laxed on the younger one. And of course he is younger. I've battled them 4 times now, and the younger Agumon won 3 times our of 4! So weird. You know.. I laxed off in caretaking for my younger one. But my older one I gave a vitamin when he was younger to see what it looked like. Makes me wonder...

On a very awesome note LeAnne (bless that woman!) called me from Toys R' Us tonight and said they have Angel Tamagotchi in. I convinced her to buy me two. Yes yes yes yes I am happy!! :) I didn't think I'd get my American ones before my Japanese ones but oh well, they will be here soon. I have my American one to tide me over! :) Btw I just fought them DigiMon's again and the younger one won again, for an 80% Victory percentage. They loose Energy as they play. I kinda expected that I would fight them, but I guess they fight on their own. I am guessing the winner depends on the caretaking? Have nooo idea.. I just played a few more times and the younger one is up 66% victories still. When the winner wins he shoots two of the Fire balls (?) instead of one. He turns his back on the loser's shot, not getting hurt. Than he gets four happy suns around him and a little tune plays. The loser gets four skulls around him and a really sad look on his face, a tune also plays. Than the same wave that cleans his bathroom goes across and 'cleans' the skulls. It's fun :) I kinda like it :)
My older Digi went to bed with only two lines left in Energy and his victory is 47%, he is 4 years old and 20 lbs. He is still in the training stage of Agumon. My younger Agumon, 1 years, went to bed with only two lines left in Energy and 53% victory.

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