Tamagotchi Log 1/30/98

1/30/98: Today many things happened Tama wise! I'll give it my unorganized best to keep it in order! ;)

I got up very late today, very tired, for up at 12N. I had put my DigiMon on pause through the night. As rumored it did come off pause after only four hours. It was okay tho, it just continued sleeping. Right now he is on pause again, if he really comes off pause automatically I am gonna watch, he will shortly after midnight.. anyways. When I set the clock right he got up and he had changed while he was sleeping! He is now an Agumon, looks like a little dragon or something. Kinda cute. Anyways, after a slow start I got outta here with LeAnne around 13:00 or so..

We had lunch. We needed to eat fast so we hit the mall and ate at Arby's. Well they were slow and took forever to get our order. I had 6 Tama’s with me so I put a few in my pocket and held some. One of the ones I put in my pocket was Takotchi. I did not know the order would take so long.. but when I sat down, I pulled him out to find the angel screen. He had left me at age 9. Poor little guy.. he died alone :((

After which we took off and ended up at Shopko eventually. I bought another DigiMon, a grey and brown one. Man the selection of colors is UUUGGGLLLY. But this one is okay I guess. LeAnne bought one too. I figured I would need two to fight anyways, so I should have two. This is the catch for BanDai, they actually get ya to buy 30 dollars worth ;). I hatched him late tonight and am still caring for him. BTW this takes me up to owning 30 BanDai Tama's! Wow never thought I'd ever have that many...

My clear green I hatched in hopes of getting a bad character. Instead of getting Hashitamatchi I got Tamatchi, the one with legs.. ugh. I can never get the beaked one. So now I have to try my luck at neglect and hope I get something below average.

I've been having my Tongaritchi on my Mimitchi tama up at all times, so he's changing faster. I miss him and want him to come back to me very badly.. I hope to have him back by Monday. He changed today and now has legs btw, after only 2 days ;) :).

I keep going by Target to see if they have any Angel's in stock and of course they are always out. I gotta beg LeAnne to take me to the valley mall where there is an Electronic Boutique there. I gotta get a couple of them. At least two. But I'll take what I can get. I am glad my real Japanese Tama is on the way in the mail though. Sleep.. need... sleeppp...

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