Tamagotchi Log 1/29/98

1/29/98: Today has prolly been one of the worst days I've had in a very long time. First off I'll refer to last night. Last night, after midnight, I needed to look at when a certain date fell on in February. Well I go to the calendar in my computer clock and look at it, than put it back to January and I did not hit apply. This change made my Mametchi on CD-Rom leave me. He was 11 years old. But his letter home indicates he was 14, so he technically was supposed to leave me this coming Sunday. Either way I know what *not* to do while a cd-rom tama is going... sigh. Below is the message he left me:

Congratulations on raising me, the smartest Tamagotchi! I am sincerely grateful to your thoughtful care. Now I can catch up on my reading -- I am reading 678 books in fourteen languages at the same time. Being smart is hard work.

Than today I go to work, I wake up Mimitchi to be (yellow/black tama) early, because I knew he was gonna change this morning, and soon. Well the day before I did notice a difference with time and when he got sick compared to his last discipline. I guess I should have suspected I missed a discipline somewhere along the line, prolly at work. He changed at 8:30am my time and he changed into.. Pochitchi. I about threw up. I took the pen I was writing with and for the first time I hit reset on a character because it's not whom I wanted. I feel slightly bad now. But I must say, that yellow & black Tama was my first I ever purchased and ever since he has only been Mimitchi, no other tama has resided on it until this morning. I forced my self to hit reset and start him again. This time I will not mess up because of work. I am rather upset with myself, to say the least. No less I intend on getting Mimitchi back to me as soon as possible. After that the whole day fell apart.

Anyway... Bill just got sick, he is 20 years, and just starting to become demanding. He'll be around for a little while longer. While Zatchi, 13 years, has much longer to go, I hope he stays forever, he's soooo cute! :) Takotchi on the other hand is 8 and is more demanding then Bill. Poor Takotchi was sick yesterday and today. It's just in his programming to be this way, poor little guy. Than of course Koromon, my DigiMon is still in that floating blob with horns stage. I am clueless as to what he will grow up to be. But as with my first Tama, I will just go with the flow and see what I get on my first DigiMon.

With all the bad things that happened today, that I won't go into because it's mostly not tama related. Even though the worst part was the fact I didn't get my Mimitchi back. Last night I received two emails from Jason, the person whom sold me all them Tamaís. He wrote saying he got my MO, and the second email was saying he mailed it out. So I guess if there's anything to be excited about it's gotta be that all of my stuff is on it's way here! By that time I don't intend on having many Tama's going. I want to have time to care for my Mesutchi & Osutchi as well as Angelgotchi. I'll prolly only have Mimitchi going. It's easy to say this right? I didn't intend on having 6 going right now.. buttt.. somehow it just always happens that way! ;) I will prolly hatch my Cd-Rom tonight, or maybe tomorrow. I have tomorrow off, so I'll prolly spend lots of time working on my web page.. yup I have noooo life! Anyways.. off I go, gotta care for my little friends :)

Update: I did rehatch my cd-rom and I got a gen2 Shirobabitchi. I have no idea whom I want this time, but anything I havenít gotten would be nice :)

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