Tamagotchi Log 1/28/98

1/28/98: Today I went to Target and asked about their Angel Tamagotchi. Well it turns out that they get the shipment in the morning about 2 times a week and that they always sell out as they hit the racks. Sooo.. I did not have much luck in finding one. Unfortunately. I'll take any color at all, I just want one! :P

Anyways, in my search I decided to check out Shopko as well. They havenít even had any Angel's there. They did, however have a huge rack of DigiMon's. Well okay all the racks they were hanging on were listed "Angel Tamagotchi" but they were DigiMon's. I gave in and bought a dark blue/grey one. I started it at work and it went through the same process as a Tama when you hatch it, the hour thing, nap thing, change thing ;). I couldn't find any growth charts, ugh. But according to Gordan Kane's DigiMon page The baby is called Botamon and after it changed after the baby stage, which is the one mine is at now, it is a Koromon. Both these stages it can't fight. And that's okay because even though I was broke I bought one, while LeAnne could not afford one till pay day... here I come Friday! ;) Since I don't really know that much about it, and I am choosing not to do as much research as I could on it.. I am winging it to see what my first character will be. I guess there is 3 diff secret characters as pictured on the instructions. I guess this guy will be in this stage for 2 days, or years. He has yet to reach one year. By reading the tama list the one thing I recall is the years only go up after every 24 hours. So it will be 1 year tomorrow at about 14:00. Ironically I hatched my first Tama at 14:00 on my lunch hour...

One more thing on DigiMon. The game is soooooooooo easy. Well it's called training the little booger. He looks like a booger! ;) Anyways.. it's just like gen1, a guessing game. You try to hit the other guy (whom looks just like the same character you are!) either upper body or lower body. He will protect himself with shield. So basically a guessing game. It's really easy. Oh yeah.. and this character I have, it goes to bed at 19:00 and gets up at 08:00! I hope it doesn't get any earlier, word days are no prob.. but weekends.. well pause might be needed... ;)

Still no mail btw. Today my Mimitchi to be (yellow/black of course! ;)) got sick and he should change either tonight or tomorrow for sure. Either way I know it'll be Mimitchi :)
Bill is 19 and he is getting slightly demanding. Not as much tho, only losing about 2 hearts every 30 mins or so, that's easy tho. He's old, I'm used to the demanding ones at this time.
Everyone else is just average. Of course Takotchi is a bit on the demanding side because he is a sickly character. He got sick today in fact. But otherwise he seems to be doing fine at age 7. And Zatchi... *smiles* Zatchi just pooped!! heheh.. He's sooo very cute :) I, being the one not able to come up with names, still call him Zatchi :P :)
I hatched my clear green a little after I hatched my DigiMon today at work. I hope to be able to get Kutchitamatchi, the one with lips, instead of Tamatchi. Then maybe I'll get the two bad characters I still havenít gotten on Gen1. Than I just need Hashizotchi on Gen2 to have them all.

Anyways, this log has been long enough. I'm off to work on another part of this website again... :)

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