Tamagotchi Log 1/27/98

1/27/98: I have written everyday for a while. Amazed since work has been bad. Anyway, not much happened today at all. I was trying for Hashizotchi, and of course I got Takotchi. I have this odd feeling I will never get the best of the worst characters! ;)

Sadly I have been told one of my money orders has not arrived to Jason yet, so I am still waiting the mail ppl to get their butts together. Two weeks is a bit long, don't ya think? But than again, it might be just me, I'm awfully anxious. Once again I am going to try and force myself to update some more of this web site. In fact I intend on making at least 2 different new pages, related to Tamagotchi, of course... :) Just need that extra time. For once, it's not space, I get unlimited space, and it’s merely time to do with my space as I want to. A week’s vacation should do it. But I'm sure I won't get that.. sooo new things will appear, slowly but surely! And hey if I ever remember to do it on a night I have lots of time, caffeine, and I am not half asleep, I might actually go back and spell check these logs ;) Until than I have to live with the fact I just typo my way through life, and anyone that reads these logs knows this... :)

I guess the only other thing that happened today was I gave my Tongaritchi, Mimitchi to be, Discipline this morning. He is at 75% and I am hoping he will return to me within the next 48 hours. :) Anyway, enough of my babbling.. off to hopefully work on a new page for this website. I hope to get it at least partly done and uploaded within the next two weeks. :)

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