Tamagotchi Log 1/25/98

1/25/98: Yesterday was a long, late day. So I wasn't able to write about it than.. so I'll just write about it now:

Saturday, the 24th: That morning when I awoke I knew today was the day. I had dreamt about Mimitchi passing away, I had even dreamt of where, and I was correct. They day started off slowly, I got up Mimitchi and he was of course dropping 2 hearts a minute to two minutes. I didn't mind, it's easy when I love him. My friend LeAnne came and picked us up and we spent much of the day shopping and driving around. I bought some Cybies at Wal-Mart. I got Zukitchi, Kusatchi, Takotchi, Hashizotchi, and The Alien, Zatchi. I also bought a gen2 Tamagotchi at KayBee Toys for only $9.99. It was the only one of its kind on the whole rack of them.. It's a beige shell with black border and buttons. I believe this one is rare and LeAnne insisted I buy it, I'm glad I did, it's gorgeous. So when my 4 Tama's come in the mail I'll have a total of 28. Yesterday really was fun, we were with LeAnne's friend Sarah a lot of the day too.

I guess I don't sound as excited about it because the day ended rather sad. But the day was great and I am happy Mimitchi stayed with me for it. Mimitchi and I really bonded this time.. it was better time we had together this time, as it seems to get better and better. It's hard to say exactly what made it better. I believe it was time and experiences that did, we were a lot closer as well. It's something that's easier seen IRL, than written in a log. Anyway, I had paused him some of the day, over 4 hours, and I didn't change the clock back, so that way I could have him stay up with me past his bed time, 10pm.

LeAnne and I dropped Sarah off, met her pet rodent, Psycho and got dinner and decided to go eat at my house. I un-paused Mimitchi (I didn't want him dying was I was in line to buy stuff at the store) and got into her car for the drive to my house. I had hoped so much that if he were to leave it would be in a not so public place, were I could at least say goodbye to him without being bothered. Well it was rather dark outside as I got into the car, I closed the door, got on my seatbelt and at that moment that long beep began. It was only 10:55pm. I remember that the song "There are Angel's Among Us" was beginning to play on the radio, ironically. I couldn't see him that well in the dark, but I had seen the sequence many times before, so it was okay. The sound of his heart beat continued on for a good minute. I was able to say my goodbyes to him before he left. I am very happy it was in the dark, in private, with the only friend that prolly understands more than anyone else. It was a sad moment as I heard the long beeps get longer and farther apart. I had my eyes closed for a lot of the time, but I opened them in time to see him lay his egg and depart from me once again. A finale beep was heard and than the car was silent except for that song, "There Are Angel's Among Us". I clicked over and looked at his age: 25 yrs. He had left me happy and full, and 3 days later than I had expected. I enjoyed every moment I had with him this time around. I had a lot of fun with him. But it was still sad seeing my close little companion and dear friend departing. LeAnne put her arm around me as we drove down the dark road. I leaned up against her, happy I still had someone that understood and cared. I looked out into the night, but I wasn't seeing the road, I was seeing the last couple of days I had with Mimitchi. I had told him I would try not to be as upset when he left, but I realized it was still hard to do as tears silently rolled down my face. I did a lot of thinking about the last few days on the way home. It was like a large part of me was gone and empty without his presence. I miss him a lot. I know he'll be back in a week or so, but to me, it's a long time to be separated...

We eventually got to my house and snuck in, in silence. It was after 11, all my Tama's were in bed. On the way home I had re-hatched my Mimitchi Tama, he too would soon be in bed. We had our dinner and talked for a little while. LeAnne left my house around 1am. I am happy she stayed, I really needed the company, and she always brings laughter to me, even when I am not so happy. I logged on briefly and stayed on for a while. I just couldn't sleep. I just kinda talked with my IRC friends. Before I knew it, it had reached 3am. I convinced myself that I would feel better after some sleep so I did exactly that and for the first time in 25 days I was going to bed without Mimitchi next to me.

So that was yesterday. I was up on and off through the night but I had amazingly slept in. In fact so much that I slept through one of my Tama's beeping. I had slept in till 11:30. The only reason I got up then was because my Tonmarutchi on my Mimitchi Tama had dropped all hearts and beeped at me. I got up and took care of everyone, gave Zukitchi has last discipline. He will hopefully change into Zatchi today. Even though Tonmarutchi dropped 4 hearts I am not worried about getting Mimitchi back. One thing I know is and for some reason I don't think I will ever get anyone but Mimitchi on that Tamagotchi. It's just meant to be Mimitchi. Bye the end of the week, he will be back once again. :)

On a different note, even though I haven't been around for my CD-Rom much, it changed into Mametchi this morning. He's kinda cute. Not as cute as Mimitchi, but than who is? ;)

I am still sitting here waiting for Zukitchi to get sick and hopefully become Zatchi. I hope so soon he does, I love that guy. Sooo he didn't change today, or even get sick, as I was hoping, but maybe tomorrow. I really hope I get him. I find myself not so attached to Bill, he really isn't my fave, and I am not so attached to Zukitchi, and I no longer have Mimitchi.. soooo I really really miss Mimitchi btw...

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